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Sofa Workshop

Our Story

The sofa is the heart of every home: where we collapse at the end of the day, draw closer to those we love, and relax. At Sofa Workshop by Timothy Oulton, our passion is perfecting the world’s best sofas – the way we design them, the way we hand make them, and the way we help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Sofa Workshop

We Believe in Great Design

All our designs are developed in-house by our international design team. We study designs from all over the world, thinking through how different design approaches can change the way people feel and experience a product, and we combine that learning with our understanding of how modern lifestyles are changing and evolving.

Sofa Workshop

Crafted by Hand

We are captivated by the use of beautiful materials, fashioned with simple tools and time-honoured techniques, and the way that this kind of craft can change how we feel about and experience our home. We understand the joy that comes from a home anchored in great design, handcrafted quality and comfort, where everything just seems a perfect fit.

Sofa Workshop

Perfect Comfort, Tailored For You

Every home is different; every room, every lifestyle, every family, which is why we feature a wide variety of styles, seating contours, sizes and finishes. From traditional sofas and classic sofas to contemporary sofas with sleek designs, we offer the perfect style and comfort for every home. And we make every sofa to order, so you can rest assured it’s made just for you.

80 Years of Expertise

Together, Sofa Workshop and Timothy Oulton have over 80 years of combined experience in making beautiful furniture. Sharing decades of expertise, there’s nothing we don’t know about creating the perfect sofa.

Founded in 1985, Sofa Workshop opened its first store in Maidstone in 1986. Timothy Oulton’s roots date back to 1976 with an antiques store in Manchester opened by Tim’s dad, igniting his deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship; something deeply embedded in each of our designs.

Complementing Sofa Workshop’s reputation for handmade quality, Timothy Oulton brings its creative energy, leather mastery, and a global design sensibility to create a culture of true craftsmanship blended with a passion for exceptional design.

Sofa Workshop

Our passion is finding the perfect sofa for you

Sofa Workshop by Timothy Oulton brings passion, expertise and heritage under one roof; a band of people obsessed by sofas, craft, comfort, and beautiful materials.

Sofa Workshop

Talk to a Sofa Master today

We know that choosing the right sofa is an important decision. Our team of Sofa Masters have years of combined experience, and many have backgrounds in interior, furniture and textile design. You can trust our experts to help you find the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

With 16 stores across the UK, you can book a free consultation with a Sofa Master in store or just give us a call and we can help over the phone. Once we know a bit more about your style and how you use your space, we can tailor some options for you from our wide and varied collection.

Sofa Workshop

What our customers say

Don't take our word for it...

Made by hand in our own workshop

Sofa Workshop

Beautiful Materials

We make everything by hand in our own workshops, employing artisanal craftsmanship techniques from around the globe. Starting with beautiful raw materials and proprietary finishes such as our unique hand-finished leathers and exuberant printed velvets, developed in our own tanning, fabric dyeing and printing workshops.

Sofa Workshop

Time Honoured Techniques

Fabrics and leathers are cut by hand, allowing for just the right amount of material to achieve the perfect fit for your chosen, fixed or loose covered sofa upholstery. Doing things the traditional way means that everything takes longer, but that’s part of what makes our pieces special.

Sofa Workshop

Crafted the Traditional Way

Everything is made by hand by our skilled craftspeople, from frame construction to upholstery finishing, using simple tools, time-honoured methods and generous amounts of beautiful, natural materials. Each piece is individually finished, and we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail.

Sofa Workshop

Our Own Sustainable Tannery

We’re proud to have our own tannery in Brazil, where we’ve engineered a unique, technically advanced water management system, which uses 85% less water and 40% less chemicals during the tanning process, in a drive to create sustainably processed leathers with zero impact.