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Sofa care fabric

Leather Sofa Care

We only use specially selected top quality hides for our collection - finished entirely by hand, in our own tannery, using a process that can take up to three days for each hide.

No heavy pigmentation, no grain correction, just translucent dyes that are worked deep into the leather ensuring its magical, natural, properties are preserved.

The result - a truly unique sofa with a rich patina that wears in over time, not out.

  • Our leathers have been carefully selected and finished to accentuate their texture, natural characteristics and colouring. This preserves the unique qualities of each hide for a rich patina that wears in over time, not out.

    Softer hides may well develop wrinkles and creases during their first few weeks of use. This is normal and not a cause for concern. In the same way that new shoes need some breaking in, so does your leather sofa. Leather is naturally elastic and will stretch with use, this is not a defect but an inherent natural characteristic of leather.

    Leather is one of the easiest upholstery materials to look after. It is naturally durable and grows more beautiful with age. Well-made leather furniture is an investment, and with a little bit of love and attention it can last for generations.

    Here are a few tips to keep your leather sofa looking its best for years to come:

    General Care Tips
    • Keep your sofa away from direct sunlight. This will dry out the leather and can cause it to crack.

    • Do not place your sofa too close to heat sources, such as radiators and open fires. This can damage the leather and in extreme cases could cause the frame to warp.

    • Never sit on the arm of your new sofa. They are not designed to carry an adult’s body weight.

    • Always lift your sofas - never drag it. This will protect your flooring and prolong the life of your legs and castors.

    • Be careful of your clothing as belt buckles, studs and jewellery can puncture the leather.

    • Please be mindful of your brand new jeans. Indigo dye may transfer onto lighter coloured leather, leaving permanent stains.

    • Never force a zip closed. Make sure nothing is trapped or stopping the zip from closing. Cushion fillings are generally bigger than the cover to create a plump fit when fitted. If it’s difficult to bring the zip together, use your knee to push the air out of feather and fibre cushions. An extra pair of hands can help to slightly bend foam cushions.

    • Check sofa legs are tightened. Loose legs will make your sofa less stable and could cause the leg to break. Don’t over tighten - this can lead to stress the potential breakage.

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Sofa Workshop – Guardsman Sofa Care Protection
Sofa Workshop – Guardsman Sofa Care Protection
Accidents happen, but relax, we’ve got you covered.

Guardsman Sofa Care Protection

Our Guardsman protection plan is an expert care and repair service which gives you peace of mind by protecting your new furniture from accidental damage.

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