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Your fabric guide

Learn about the thousands of different fabrics we have to offer



We know this sounds rather big headed but we really can’t be beaten on choice. Our website shows you some of our favourites but in our shops we have an extended range of our own fabrics; beautiful soft cottons and wools, lovely slubby linens, stunning velvets, traditional prints and gorgeous natural leathers to name a few. Amazing colours too from bang-on-trend vibrant oranges and cool hues of grey to beautiful earthy tones, something for everyone. In the very unlikely event you can’t find your ideal fabric in our own collection we hold lots of fabric sample books from all the big fabric houses like Designers Guild, Sandersons, Andrew Martin and Romo, or you can provide your own. If you can’t find a fabric you like get in touch with our experts and they’ll leave no stone unturned to find one for you.

FREE samples

Of course you need to see what the fabric looks like in your home. You’ll find a FREE Fabric Sample service next to any sofas designs you’re looking at or you can get in touch with us and we’ll order you as many as you want.


We’re often asked which fabrics will last longest. In all honesty we can’t answer this. It all depends how often the sofa gets used, where it is and how many kids are building camps with the cushions. Every fabric has a ‘rub-test’, which basically means the fabric is rubbed by a little machine thousands of times to see how long it lasts (this was developed in WWII to test parachute fabric) and unless it hits a certain number isn’t deemed suitable for upholstery . What we can assure you is that all our fabrics are suitable for upholstering sofas and chairs and if looked after should last for years.

Warp and Weft

If it’s not felt then your fabric will have a Warp, the yarn that goes up, and a Weft, the yarn going from left to right. Different types of yarns are used for the Warp and Weft, sometimes dozens of different yarns. It’s weaving in this way that gives the fabric the wonderful texture, colours and patterns. Our fabrics use all sorts of different yarns, whatever’s best for the final design and texture. Don’t be afraid of man made yarns, we use them to give a certain texture, durability or nap. Of course we use natural yarns too and have some of the nicest linens, cottons and wools around.

So leather’s your thing?

Nothing else compares to the warm and gorgeous aging of top quality leather furniture. Our leathers are either full or semi Aniline or Pull Up leathers, this is fancy talk for the best leathers available. They are 100% natural, lovely and thick and coloured with natural pigments to enhance their natural beauty. They will mellow and age beautifully. Remember they are cows and as a result will have marks and scarring, this is far from a fault and really is only found on the best leathers, think of it as a sign of quality.

Be caring

To help keep your fabric looking gorgeous and last there’s a few simple things we recommend. It’s not back breaking work and really no hassle. A velvet will need treating differently to a linen to a cotton to a leather so we won’t ramble on about each and every one here. When you order we provide full care instructions relevant to the fabric you’ve chosen. Of course you can always ask us any questions.


We are guaranteeing your new sofa frame but what if you (or a wildly gesticulating friend) throws a glass of red over the cover? OMG! We can protect the covers against most stains, rips, tears or burns with our wonderful Guardsman Protection. We urge you to buy this so if you are left with a stain an expert will visit and remove it and if they can’t they’ll replace the affected cover for free. You’ll be offered this protection when you add a sofa to your basket.