Sofa Workshop - 2020: The year of classic blue
Sofa Workshop - 2020: The year of classic blue

Announced by colour experts, Pantone, ‘Classic Blue’ is this year’s ‘Colour of the year’. A shade close to cobalt and somewhere between navy and royal, Classic Blue is a “timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity.”

Calming and restful, the colour blue has become increasingly popular in the home. From statement feature walls to artful accessories in sea and sky tones against more neutral backgrounds, the contemporary home is awash with these dependable hues. A safe option yet one that allows us to show off our personality through interiors, Classic Blue has been welcomed by the design world as it seamlessly blends with other shades and harnesses versatility that other hues simply don’t.

The benefits of blue

A multi-faceted colour, blue encompasses a wide palette, from cool, light pastel variations to rich, bold hues. Classic Blue possesses the qualities of the latter making it a great choice for furniture, paint and home accessories. Incorporating this strong yet soothing shade will stimulate a calming environment – ideal for a living room, bedroom or home office. The dark elements of it work particularly well when paired with warm neutral woods; it also brings depth to neutral schemes.

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Make it pop

Sometimes viewed as more of a cobalt hue, this year’s ‘colour of the year’ radiates enough vibrancy in certain lights, allowing it to become a focal point and to make a beautiful statement. Our Eden sofa in sumptuous Dusky Airforce Blue velvet is the ultimate luxury piece of furniture. Not only does it ooze cosiness, but it also injects the space with a retro yet plush aesthetic. Coupling a sleek shaped model like the Eden with dark wooden legs and contrasting accessories makes for a really contemporary yet timeless look that you won’t easily tire of.

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Add it in doses

Often subtle touches make the most impact in home interiors. Our Thurloe chair in Bursa Indigo (below right), which was based on a 16th century silk textile found in the V&A collection, is full of charm and makes the most delicate of statements. Featuring a modest, classic pattern, it reflects Classic Blue in the subtlest of ways and it truly holds its own in the corner of a room. For extra impact, why not pair it with the same chair finished in a brighter variation of Classic Blue? Our Airforce Blue is punchy yet luxurious and placed together, their contrast is a match made in heaven.