responsible timber sourcing policy

Sofa Workshop recognises that extracting timber can have significant negative impacts on society and the environment.

Responsibly Sourced Timber
Quality Timber

We are fully committed to responsible sourcing, and our long-term aim is to ensure the timber in our furniture originates from well managed forests and recycled sources certified to credible certification standards, especially FSC certification.

EU timber regulation (EUTR) compliance

We are committed to (ensuring our Workshops are) complying with European Timber Regulation No 9952010, and whilst we are not an operator placing timber products on the internal market for the first time, as a trader we require all our workshop’s timber suppliers, certify that the timber used in our all of our products, or supplied to us, is compliant with the regulations. We carry out quarterly audits to ensure this is upheld and keep records of all timber supplied to our workshops for a minimum of five years.

what we will not accept in our furniture

  • illegally harvested wood
  • timber harvested in violation of traditional human rights
  • timber from forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities
  • timber from forests being converted to plantations and non-forest use since 1994
  • timber from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted
  • unknown sources

what we do in our furniture

Sofa Workshop is committed to increasing the percentage of timber from sustainable sources, used in our upholstery and our furniture.

Sofa Workshop has a rigorous timber measurement and validation programme with all our workshops. The programme is designed to measure the FSC certified and PEFC certified timber in all products supplied to Sofa Workshop.

This policy will be reviewed annually, and our progress will be reported within this published policy.

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