fabric and leather guide

Choosing the right sofa material can be tricky. To find the right one for you, you’ll need to consider how your sofa will be used and who it will be used by. Will it be an everyday hero or an occasional statement piece? Do you have children or pets?

Fabric Sofa
Leather Sofa

a fabric or leather sofa?

We offer highly customisable, bespoke sofas that you can adapt to your own personal taste. Each one is handmade to order, starting with the raw material of a Beech or hardwood frame. Depending on what you need, we can adjust a sofa’s length, height, depth and more, to make a made to measure sofa that’s truly unique to you. Some come with removable arms, or in two pieces, making it easier to fit through doors and hallways.

Fabric Sofa
Floral Fabric Sofa

soft fabric sofas

Fabric sofas are great if you want a cosy look and feel. We use a mix of natural and man-made fibres to create our fabrics. Choose from soft cotton and formal linen sofas to natural wool and luxurious velvet sofas. Bear in mind that some fabrics are prone to pilling (the small bobbles that appear on the surface). It’s just the nature of the fabric and can be easily removed with a good fuzz-away. For one-on-one fabric guidance, book a free consultation.

Cotton Sofas

cotton sofas

Cotton is a natural fibre and is resistant to wear, fading and piling. We offer 100% cotton and cotton mix fabrics in a range of colours and patterns. Our most popular is the House Brushed Cotton, with durable canvas feel and casual look.

Wool Sofas

wool sofas

Wool is environmentally friendly, wrinkle free and hard wearing. It’s generally warm and cosy, but can sometimes be slightly itchy at first, or have a slight odour due to its natural Lanolin. This will subside as the furniture acclimatises.

Linen Sofas

linen sofas

Linen has a wonderfully lived-in look to it. It’s naturally resistant to pilling and will soften and relax over time. It’s more delicate than cotton, but if looked after properly it’s a long-lasting, brilliant choice for a sofa cover.

Velvet Sofas

velvet sofas

Velvet is luxurious and soft to the touch. Unlike wool, it’s quite delicate and prone to pressure marks, however velvets that contain polyester are less likely to show marks. It needs regular brushing and light vacuuming.

Sofa Workshop Leather Sofas

quality leather sofas

Leather is ideal for upholstery; it’s warm in winter, cool in summer, strong, supple, and can last a lifetime. All our leather sofas are made from high-quality 100% natural leather and are coloured with natural pigments to enhance their beauty. As leather is natural, it can have slight marks and scarring. This adds to the authenticity and is usually only found on the best leathers. For one-on-one leather guidance, book a free consultation.

Leather Sofas
Aniline Leather Sofas

aniline leather

The finest hides are used for aniline leather. It’s super soft and doesn’t have pigment on the surface. Due to its natural marks, scarring, and differences in grain, sofa panels can vary.

Semi-aniline Leather Sofas

semi-aniline leather

Semi aniline leathers have a very fine layer of pigment applied to the surface. This helps to give them an even colour and covers up some of the natural characters found in full aniline leathers.

Pull-up Leather Sofas

pull up leather

Pull up is the tanning process used on aniline leathers. It enhances the natural characteristics of the hide and changes the shade slightly to give it a classic, aged effect.

Corrected-grain Leather Sofas

corrected-grain leather

Corrected grain has no natural characteristics. The original surface removed or buffed, and a new surface is applied with a paint finish or embossed grain to give it a more uniform look.

Knight Protection
5 year fabric protection

All our sofa frames are guaranteed for up to 25 years, and with our 5-year Guardsman sofa protection plan, you’ll be protected against accidental spills and grubby hands too. You’ll be offered sofa protection when you add a sofa to your basket and the protection starts the day your sofa arrives.

Read our Guardsman protection plan T&C’s for the nitty gritty.

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caring for your sofa

To help keep your fabric sofa or leather sofa in tip-top condition and give you an idea about which sofa filling it right for you, we’ve put together a sofa care guide with useful tips and tricks. As each material and filling requires a different method of care, we’ll send you detailed care instructions specific to your sofa once you’ve placed your order. Read our sofa care guide here.