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The psychology of cosy

The psychology of cosy

A key ingredient in creating a cosy space is serenity and a sense of absolute calm. Ubiquitous health and wellness trends are prompting interior designers and architects to seek out the most calm-inducing and serene-making elements for their clients' living spaces. Curved spaces and furniture are considered more appealing over more angular, severe design, and can make living environments, from bedrooms and bathrooms to living rooms and even kitchens, instantly feel more cosy and relaxing. Evoking an emotional response through design is a key tool for contemporary interior designers, especially as we treat our homes more and more as enclaves away from the chaos of the world.

While the feeling of cosiness with curved shapes affects our subconscious, there is a selection of objective ways to make a room feel more serene and cosy.


Integrate bold colours into your interior design scheme to create a cosy environment. Rich colours work particularly well to create this kind of ambience all year round. Dark shades of red and deep blues evoke a sense of familiarity, while burnt orange and mustards are reminiscent of the cosiness associated with autumn. To get the look, check out the perfect perennial classic, the Dillon sofa in Dusky Velvet Fabric.

 Dillon 3 seater sofa rustic velvet grey



Texture plays an important role in bringing the cosier nature into a room. Choose more luxurious materials such as velvet, leather or wool bring a sense of tactility to the room. The casual yet sophisticated Mallow sofa outfitted in our warm, rich leathers is the perfect piece for kicking your feet up and getting cosy.

Mallow corner sofa right hand facing tumble waxed cigar leather

Mallow corner chaise sofa right hand facing dusky velvet pink fabric


Cosiness ultimately comes down to comfort. At Sofa Workshop, we know that everyone's idea of true comfort is different, so we offer a range of different fillings, and encourage customers to try out the 'bum-test' in store. Feather is the most traditional filling and is also wonderfully soft, while foam is firmer and also smarter in appearance, perfect for more contemporary styles.