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Let your sofa float

Let your sofa float

Most of the elegant living rooms you may see on Instagram, Pinterest and in-home interest magazines have one thing in common: Floating sofas. This doesn’t mean that by some miracle the homeowner has contravened the laws of physics to let their sofa levitate, however. It means that the sofa is positioned away from the wall, allowing passage around the sofa in any direction.

If you decide to float your sofa, here are two top tips to set you on the right path. Firstly, ensure there is at least one metre of walkway space around the back of the sofa and the arms. Not only will this provide sufficient space for the use of the room, but this is an aesthetic measure to ensure your layout will look as perfect as it functions. Secondly, for a loftier, more contemporary look, choose a floating sofa with exposed legs as opposed to a skirt edge. In smaller spaces, this will give the illusion of increased floor space because you will see more of your precious square footage underneath the sofa.

Positioning your sofa closer to the middle of the room is a great way to add a sense of grandeur to the space. If all of your furniture is against the wall, it can make the centre of the room feel like an unused expanse. Pushing your sofa closer to the middle of the space will give your home a more considered look, allowing you to get creative with furniture behind the sofa too.

The flexibility that floating your sofa can give you when it comes to other furniture in the room is surprising. If you position your sofa in the middle of the room, you suddenly free up space for a handy console unit to slot behind the sofa, which could act as a storage unit or even a slick bar area. Without covering a few meters’ worth of your wall with a sofa, you can also add floor-to-ceiling shelving units across that wall, increasing your storage capacity even more.

Once you have floated your sofa, it’s time to think about how you would like to use the space. Floating your sofa is an excellent way to break up your living room into ‘zoned’ areas to create a multi-use room. For example, in front of the sofa may be a rug, a coffee table and a TV unit complete with cosy styling in the form of throws and cushions. Behind the sofa, you could create a small play area for the children, a dining area, a simple console unit with ample storage, or even that enticing home bar.