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Contemporary vs Classic

Contemporary vs Classic

Your home is your own personal haven. It is where you can express your personality and creativity through colour, texture, and belongings that you have collated over the years. Contemporary and classic styles have for many years divided the opinions of interior experts, but what it really comes down to is individual preference. So let’s explore both and you can make your own mind up.

Contemporary warmth

Contemporary design doesn’t refer to a specific period – it’s constantly evolving to reflect popular styles of present-day design. It is known to borrow qualities from modernism, minimalism, Art Deco and other global styles without focusing too heavily on any one in particular. When we visualise contemporary design, many tend to imagine sleek, straight lines, stark spaces and white and grey aplenty. However, a contemporary scheme doesn’t have to be so utilitarian – it can also exude warmth, energy and cosiness. Take inspiration from our minimalist scheme above, showcasing our sumptuous yet modern Nougat sofa, finished in our rich leathers with contrasting slimline black legs, creating extra space beneath to allow natural light to pass through. The look is contemporary, yet seamlessly harnesses an inviting warmth.

Nougat Sofa, Tip Dyed Taupe Leather

Contemporary in all its forms

Contemporary design can also entail beautiful, bold colour and this is being embraced more and more in the modern home today. Whether making a statement with a feature wall, a piece of artwork or furniture in a bright hue, colour is known to lift our mood and the mood of the home. We couldn’t be more positive about incorporating something bold like a cobalt blue or a vibrant Lilac into a space that needs a refresh. Our Eden sofa in Dusky Velvet Lilac is streamlined yet elegant in form, exhibiting a classically modern aesthetic that is amplified by a distinctive colour and a sumptuous fabric.

Eden 3 seater sofa rustic velvet grey

Classically beautiful

Classic (or traditional) style can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, from eccentric patterns and materials to the addition of antiques and opulent accessories. So, what does classic mean to you? It can of course refer to something that has seen a previous life, or perhaps something that heralds from a by-gone era but, most importantly, it is something that is timeless and retains its style. Our Gainsborough sofa is an updated interpretation of the iconic chesterfield, featuring hallmark deep tufting and cushion seats. The chesterfield style is just as relevant in today’s homes as it was 100 years ago because it’s still the perfect anchor point in a room, whether for a cocktail party, a family gathering or a cosy fireside chat.

Gainsborough 3 seater sofa tip dyed camel leather

Classic colour palettes

It’s not so much about which is the right or wrong colour palette – there are a lot of different tastes. For us it is about authenticity of materials. Natural materials like leather tend to have a richness and lend themselves to being mixed in a wide variety of combinations. The Blake sofa has a versatility that suits any style of interior, pictured here in Tumble Waxed Cigar leather against calming shades of grey and grand floor to ceiling windows, this space oozes style and is a brilliant way of achieving a classic look at home in the simplest of ways. 

Blake 3 Seater Sofa Tumble Waxed Cigar Leather

Two’s company

How about a mix of the two styles? The Tyson chair catapults an Art Deco inspired design into the modern day through its unexpected mix of sleek shiny steel and hand-distressed, vintage leather. Classic, modern, and futuristic in one, Tyson straddles timeless design and avant-garde style perfectly.

Tyson Armchair Tip Dyed Taupe Leather