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5 Grey Living Room Ideas

5 Grey Living Room Ideas

It’s easy to see why grey is such a popular choice for interiors, it’s the ultimate versatile shade that seems to be friends with all other colours - it literally goes with anything. Depending on the shade you choose, grey can be traditional or contemporary, quiet or dramatic, cool or warm. It’s such a beautifully nuanced colour and incredibly easy to live with.


How to choose the right shade of grey

When choosing your shade of grey, think about how you want your room to feel. Light grey is a wonderful neutral with more depth than white, and creates a soothing and restful atmosphere. Cool greys with blue undertones give a more contemporary, urban feel, whereas warm greys make a room more inviting. Dark greys are incredibly cosy and dramatic but if you’re nervous about painting the walls then start with the furniture - choose a sumptuous dark grey sofa like our Caruso sofa in Dusky Velvet Grey to anchor your living room and act as a focal point.


Caruso 3 Seater Sofa, Dusky Velvet Grey


Use different tones of grey to add depth

Use a tonal palette of grey to create an interesting yet cohesive scheme. If you’re drawn to light greys like our Natural Washed Mushroom, Mixt Linen Grey, and Dusky Velvet Grey fabrics, find other ways to introduce deeper shades - paint the inside of a dresser or shelves a deep charcoal shade, to make the objects displayed really stand out. Think about lines of sight from one room to another, a light and airy living room in light grey looks great next to an adjoining dining room in deep, dramatic grey.

Creating a mood board will help bring the elements of your colour scheme together and see how fabrics look in your own environment. Order your FREE swatches here.


Eden 3 Seater Sofa, Rustic Velvet Grey 

Natural materials

Natural materials are a great way to warm up a grey scheme – a wooden coffee table next to a grey sofa always looks beautiful. Or add metallic accents to mid to dark shades of grey, they’ll help bounce the light around the room. Brass and gold always add warmth to cooler grey shades, and nickel complements lighter hues. White marble, with its natural grey veining, is the perfect match to grey upholstery.


Include texture in the room

An all-grey scheme can be incredibly calming, the key to keeping the room interesting is adding lots of texture. A plush velvet sofa like our Gainsborough sofa in Dusky Velvet Maroon with grey window drapes and a grey wool rug all work harmoniously together without being boring because of the layers of texture. Or try our grey leathers like Tip-Dyed Graphite or Tumble Waxed Pewter, hand-finished using aniline dyes for a warm hand feel. The tactility of a room – the way things feel against the body – is just as important as the way the room looks.

Gainsborough 3 seater sofa dusky velvet maroon fabric  

Add a pop of colour

The wonderful thing about grey is that it loves every colour, so adding an accent in a contrasting colour can lift the room and change the whole feel. A bright yellow cushion on a grey armchair adds sense of playfulness, while strong red accents against a dark grey feels timeless and elegant.


Use complementary colours

Although grey can mix with any colour, certain combinations simply sing. Dark grey grounds blush pink, mustard and grey give a more masculine feel, while teals, greens and blues all pick out grey’s cooler undertones for a relaxing, easy to live with scheme.