2020 colour trends

2020 colour trends

Trends can come and go, but some are truly timeless. Here, we visit three in particular that we think will stand the test of time.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen colour schemes enter the interiors world that previously would have been dismissed. From contrasting jewel tones to softer shades paired with clashing prints or patterns, your home interior is very much a platform for expressing your personality, and not simply somewhere you live. Colour is, after all, a mood-booster, so why not embrace what you love and create something really special in the place you call home.

Every year brings with it a new set of trends – some are timeless and stick around, others get quickly moved along and replaced. Individual colours, however, can be used in so many ways and can look totally different depending on what you combine them with, so more often than not you can opt for the minimal amount for the maximum result. Let’s look at three major colours that have popped up for this year and look to be here for the next few years: blue, pink and yellow.


Blue has been and always will be a trusty colour, so it’s no wonder the Pantone Colour Institute named Classic Blue as its Colour of the Year for 2020. The institute says, “Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” Blue has long been acknowledged as the most universally favoured colour, with its varying shades psychologically linked to creativity, trust, relaxation and serenity. Our Fudge sectional in Tip Dyed Indigo leather has a wonderfully rich and opulent feel, coloured using natural indigo, while the Cape sectional in Hacienda Upcycled Blue fabric is perfect for more casual and relaxed living.


Pink has and continues to divide the design world, however, according to renowned interior designer, Nicky Haslam, pink is the “most flattering colour to paint your walls.” Pink has typically been associated with femininity, but over the years, it has slowly moved away from this connotation and has created a different name for itself. Just like green, it comes from a wide-ranging palette of bold and muted hues that each has its own character. Our Panama sofa in Botanical Linen Pink is the perfect, elegant accompaniment to a scheme of soft, delicate colourways, exuding serenity and peacefulness. To brighten this up, the simple addition of a brightly patterned cushion completes this look tastefully yet beautifully.


Yellow is another colour that radiates positivity and has the ability of quickly revitalising a scheme. From rich mustards to subtle pastel lemon shades and golden amber hues, yellow is incredibly versatile. Commonly used as part of a colour-blocking trend that has increased ten-fold over the last few years, yellow is an easy option for those looking for that vibrant touch to finish off or act as a base for a look. Our Dillon sofa in sumptuous Dusky Velvet Amber has an incredibly rich depth of colour and truly stands out. If you’re looking to add a bright pop into a tired room or you’re simply feeling a bit more daring, yellow should be your go-to.