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Uncover Upcycling

In a society where people are striving for more environmentally-friendly (and cost-effective) ways to live, upcycling has become a popular method of giving old furniture a new lease of life, which adds sentimental value to interiors, and removes the need to splurge on new items.

The next generation of upcycling includes the introduction of on-trend bold prints and patterns to find interesting ways to transform old, everyday objects into displayable storage and lighting with a modern twist.

chest of drawers

Source: The Yodeler

We spoke to author of The Home That Made Me blog and upcycling enthusiast, Charlotte Valentine, about this trend:

“Nothing beats that feeling of knowing you’ve transformed something old and unloved into a brand new, better form of itself. Whether that’s giving it a new lease of life with a lick of paint or completely remodelling, it turns a piece of furniture into something unique which you know nobody else has.” 

Charlotte has recently redecorated her daughter’s bedroom. How amazing does this upcycled chest of drawers look? Charlotte also added a pom-pom trim to a pair of white curtains to create an element of fun and texture that’s perfect for a child’s bedroom.

kids bedroom

Source: The Home That Made Me

Another way to upcycle a chest of drawers is to use wallpaper. Sticking wallpaper to the actual drawers allows you to create a piece of furniture that is truly unique to you.

floral drawers                          wallpaper drawers

Source: Fresh Design Blog                                                          Source: MucknBrass

To achieve a completely new look, you can remove the drawers altogether…

upcycled sideboard

Source: RecycleArt

Sometimes, a simple stencil and some paint is all you need to turn something you’d once forgotten about into your new favourite piece of furniture!

stencil upcycling 

Source: Pinterest

Thinking outside of the box can lead to the creation of some amazing home accessories.

upcycled suitcase                                  upcycled globes

Source: The Budget Decorator                            Source: Upcycled Wonders

Love the thought of upcycling, but not sure where to start? Becky Goddard-Hill, author of Thrifty Home and A Beautiful Space,as well as a number of other successful lifestyle blogs, has given us her top tips for some small upcycling projects. As it’s nearly the school holidays, these are also lovely things to make with children!

“Upcycling is more environmentally beneficial than recycling, allows you to get creative with old items and materials that you no longer need, and it also means that you can potentially save some money when adding items around the home. 

It’s simple to get started – you just need to give it a go and not worry too much about the results at first!  

Really simple beginner projects could include:

1) Spray painting an old muffin pan silver and using it to store jewellery.

2) Cleaning up and painting an old plant pot and turning it into a pencil pot.

upcycling project  spray paint project 

3)Taking an old jam jar, affixing a chalk label and turning it into a sweetie jar, perfect for giving as a gift.

Once you’ve started with these small projects, you’ll soon get the bug. Do look at Pinterest for inspiration – take a look at these upcycled door ideas.

If you are not sure how to bring your ideas to life, then don’t be afraid to ask for advice at your local DIY store – upcycling enthusiasts love to share!  Once you’ve built your confidence and have a few skills, you can try your hand at furniture – scouring skips and car boot sales will become your new favourite thing!” 

Our Revive sofa fabric is made from recycled cotton waste from the fashion industry, it’s a relaxed, canvas-like weave with a subtle mélange effect that’s fully washable and highly durable. Using recycled yarn reduces the amount of new cotton needed to produce the fabric meaning that impact on the environment is reduced.

We’d love to see your upcycling projects! Show us your interior creations on Instagram by tagging @sofaworkshop.


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