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Get down to earth with natural tones in your living space this summer

2017 is the year that our interiors take inspiration from the great outdoors more than ever before. Beginning with colour of the year, Pantone greenery, botanical inspiration, succulents and next… we’re taking our inspiration directly from the earth!

Now, we’re not saying that you should paint your living room in a dark soil colour! The trend of getting back to nature that seems to have gripped the interiors world in 2017 is less scary than it may seem and a LOT less boring than you might think.

This trend takes inspiration from natural rocks, deserts, earth and trees featuring colours such as pale rose, peach, cinnamon, tan, burnt orange and terracotta.

Here’s some of our favourite earthy tones inspiration…

Make a statement with terracotta walls – perfect for bathrooms and if you’re feeling daring, statement walls in your living area too.

To add just a touch of this look to your home, accessorise! White and terracotta make for a fresh combination – we love these handmade light pendants by Hand & Eye Studio

Another accessorising option is to combine two 2017 trends into one by housing your cacti in earthenware pots.

Earthy colour schemes can be adapted for any interior. Just think back to Roman & Greek times when EVERYTHING was made from terracotta. Terracotta floor tiles are classically elegant yet practical!

Choose earthy, simple textures in warm shades for larger pieces. Even a classic shape like our Clarence sofa gets an instant update in this brick shade.

Take a look at our Pinterest for more inspiration! 

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