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Art meets technology with the latest innovations in interior design

Whether you love technology or hate it, you can’t fail to ignore the new innovations in interior design that are creating excitement in home styling events around the world this year!

The good news? You don’t have to be a fan of the futuristic look to get involved with this trend – some of the newest home technology developments are bringing a more subtle, and even artistic, element into our living spaces.

First up, a living room essential. Does your sofa still point towards your TV? Well, with screens like the brand new Samsung Frame, your box set habit can be conveniently and stylishly disguised as a picture frame on your wall when it’s not in use, so it can still remain a focal point of your room but in a more subtle way!

Unsightly cables are a thing of the past and you can showcase your own art or even photography. The Frame comes pre-loaded with a curated selection of artwork to choose from, or exhibit your Instagram – it’s up to you. Automatic light sensors ensure that the Frame displays a natural looking image at all times. Clever and easy on the eye – what’s not to like?!

Next up, interior design. Whilst planning out your new living space can take the form of Pinterest boards, CAD designs or old school sketches and moodboards, this is where Virtual Reality comes into its own. At New York Design Month in June, one particular exhibition caught the imagination of designers from around the world – the Sight Unseen OFFSIGHT showcased a collaboration between up and coming designers and online art purveyors, Twyla, to create an imaginative VR experience.

Seven limited edition prints transformed upon wearing a VR headset into 360-degree rooms that were inspired by the individual pieces of art. Room sets varied from Classical Remix to Global Minimalism and 70s Chic – all designed in collaboration with art director Tom Hancocks. We love the 80s Japan room here!

Feeling inspired by the fusion of art and tech? Let us know what you think on @Sofaworkshop over on Twitter and Instagram!

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