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Statement Ceilings

Interesting design isn’t just for your walls. Last season, design-led floor tiles had their moment in the spotlight. Now, it’s time for the ceiling! Painted and patterned ceilings add a whole new level of depth to a room, if you’re brave enough to bring this bold trend into your home!


Source: LA Times

By adding colour or print to what designers are beginning to call ‘the fifth wall’, you can make your rooms bold, memorable and give them a distinct personality depending on the kind of decoration that you choose.

If you want to go for a heavily patterned ceiling, keep the rest of your décor simple, using just a couple of other focal points in the room. In the example below, a statement gold lampshade and luxurious blue chair work as the two other main points of focus, which creates a balanced, fashionable interior.

wallpapered ceiling

Source: The Creativity Exchange

Want to make a real impact? Bring all ‘five’ walls together by running a block of colour from the ceiling to the floor, which adds the illusion of length to the room. Tie this colour in with the rest of your décor by adding complementary coloured accessories, as shown in the example below.

green wall

Source: Domino

A dark painted ceiling adds real depth to a room. However, it’s important to consider that a dark ceiling does remove the element of light and brightness that a white ceiling brings. An article featured on Vogue earlier in the year discusses this in further detail:

“Painting a ceiling is the quickest, easiest way to pack a punch. Beware, however, of strong colours. With no light shining on them, the paint will read even darker, which makes a space look smaller.”

 Adding a decorative light will ensure that your interior looks chic, not gloomy!

Source: Bloglovin

Sarah Akwisombe has styled her Eden sofa in Azure Omega II Italian Velvet with a contrasting pink ceiling, broken up with bold prints and eye-catching artwork! How amazing does Sarah’s living room look?

Sarah Akwisombe

Source: Sarah Akwisombe

If you’re thinking about taking the plunge with a statement ceiling, take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration!


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