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Rock ‘n’ Raw Surfaces

Is it just us, or does it feel like marble has been ‘having a moment’ for a really long time now? Whether you’re still enjoying the Insta-favourite surface or not, marble has paved the way (we know!) for other stone-inspired, raw surfaces to take centre stage.

From concrete to zinc and lava stone, raw materials are increasingly being used throughout the home, on floors, walls and as tableware. A world away from flashy metallics like rose gold and high shine surfaces that we’ve seen over the last few years, darker, deeper and more primal stones in our home paired with tactile fabrics provide an element of worn-in comfort during a time of change. Think caveman-chic, 2017 style!

Here’s how you can rock this trend in your home…

Wall space

Now, we’re not suggesting that you adopt the ‘artfully undone’ wall trend throughout your home – but just one feature wall adapted using panels, wallpaper or paint effects to create a faux concrete effect look can be incredibly impactful.

Source: Pinterest

Mix your materials

You don’t need to invest in a concrete mixer and go all-out with one texture across every surface – mixing metal, wood, fabric and stone gives an accessible take on this look that’s less multi-storey car park and more pared-back warmth and intimacy.

Source: Pinterest, Instagram

Rough diamonds

Lava stone tableware is a great easy update to give a nod to this trend. It also makes the plainest of meals look stylish! Other small accessories like these concrete candleholders add edge.

Source: Etsy

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Choose materials that aren’t box-fresh and shiny – worn or even scuffed metal and wood that’s been reclaimed and recycled will add contrast to a plain, clean environment and helps create cosiness.

Source: Modish Living, Modish Living

We’re loving the striking, urban feel that industrial textures bring into any space – let us know what you think of this trend on Twitter and Instagram @sofaworkshop and check out more of our raw surfaces inspiration on Pinterest.


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