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Oversized Interiors

In contrast to 2016-2017’s overarching trend of Scandi-style minimalism, 2018 has been all about making a bold interior statement. We’ve seen a huge upsurge in maximal decor, and this has brought with it the smaller statement trends that are rooted within this style.

One of these trends is the emergence of oversized home accessories. Large, chunky-knit blankets were a winter 2017 staple, and this oversized theme has extended to other parts of the home during 2018.

Source: Instagram @thehousethatgreybuilt(Dillon sofa)

Lighting is another popular element of an oversized interior, with floor lamps and lampshades getting a supersized update….



Source:Homegirl London

If you have a small living space, adding an oversized mirror will make the room appear much larger.

Interior designer Colman Riddellspoke to the Washington Post about the importance of mirrors in small spaces:

“Decorating small spaces is 75 percent visual manipulation,” she said, “and mirrors are hands-down the best way to trick the eye. They can make it seem like you’ve got way more square feet, height and light than you paid for.”



 On the other hand, if you have a large living space, an oversized statement rug can look amazing as a canvas for the rest of the room.

Source: Instagram @emuplops(Dillon sofa)


Source: Instagram @behind_the_bee(Lady May sofa)

Greenery has been an interior staple for a long time, with small decorative cacti currently being overshadowed by large, leafy plants!


Have you incorporated oversized accessories into your interior? If you have, tag us on Instagram @SofaWorkshop



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