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Move over minimal, it’s time for maximal

There’s no denying it, minimal Scandinavian interiors have taken over our homes and our hearts over the past few years.

However, there’s a new trend emerging, and it’s quite literally the polar opposite. Maximal is all about loud patterns, vibrant colours and interesting textures. The most important part? Clashing all of these elements to create a busy, immersive interior.


Source: Patirobins Instagram

When it comes to maximal, more is more. More pattern, more colour, more clashing! Layering is also key. Place bright art on top of heavily printed wallpaper. Throw colourful cushions on top of a bold sofa. Add vivid rugs to your wood floors. To create your own version of maximal, you need to be brave enough to pair things that seem out of the ordinary.


Source: Ethnic Cottage blog

The most effective maximalist rooms are expressions of a life well lived. They’re celebrations of objects and design—things that have been collected with a freestyle combination of judiciousness and wild abandon. Maximalist rooms are bereft of the current style trends; they’re more about a well-confected hoard of delicious design goodness. Seldom will a first impression of a minimal room induce that jaw-dropping ‘wow!’ like a good maximalist room can. If minimalism is about the empty breathing space, maximalism is about taking the breath away.” –

Styling a maximal room isn’t easy. You have to think really carefully about the colours and patterns that you’re clashing, to ensure that style doesn’t get lost in the chaos. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together three different ways of tackling maximalism, that make this trend easier to replicate.

1. Focus on a single colour, but use it everywhere!

If clashing both colour and pattern seems a bit much, the other way to achieve the maximal look is to focus on one or two hero colours. But to do this, you need to fill your room to the brim with these shades…


Source: Domain

2. Using brights? Don’t overdo it.

If you love brights and neons, choose two to three of these colours to create your core palette. Combining colours such as pinks, yellows and turquoises in a modern way will ensure that your interior looks fresh, and not garish.


Source: Pinterest

However, Maximal doesn’t have to be bright. Muted, pastel colours work just as well. Take the below example from creative duo 2LG, and focus on a core palette of pastel colours mixed with eye-catching wallpaper and out-there accessories (how amazing are these furry chairs!) to capture this trend without a bright in sight.


Source: 2LG Studio

3. Base your interior on set themes or trends.

Another way to create a focus for your maximal room is to pick a theme, or current trend, and – as it says on the tin – maximise it!

If there’s one, or a couple of trends that you love more than any other, maximalism provides you with the opportunity to cover a room in it – literally! The photo below shows an example of this, with everything oriental clashed with a love of crochet…


Source: Country Living

4. Make use of inspiration!

One of the best ways to capture a complicated trend is to look at examples of how others have done it. Take a look at our Maximal Interiors Pinterest board, where we’ve collected lots of maximal photography to help you choose, and style, your rooms.

Sofa Workshop customer, Alex Crabtree, has done an amazing job of styling her Sofa Workshop sofa with lots of eclectic accessories and art, capturing this trend perfectly. Take a look at her Instagram account to see more of her style!

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