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A modern take on terrazzo

Move over marble – it’s time to say hello to terrazzo. Once only seen in the settings of 70’s kitchens and terracotta-themed Spanish holiday villas, terrazzo is about to be big in British interiors.

Previously a garish, ‘funky’ feature of 70’s homes; the terrazzo of this season is much more muted. Expect to see terrazzo in various tones of grey, interspersed with flecks of colour.


Source: Apartment Therapy

Author of Design Soda and Pinterest Interiors Award winner, Ruthie Matthews, gave us her thoughts on terrazzo:

“I see terrazzo as a counterpoint to marble, which for me is becoming a little beige after so much interior domination. With terrazzo you get the same beautiful irregularities as marble but terrazzo has a more colourful and chaotic design sensibility. I love how terrazzo can be done up to look very stylised and high-end using precious stones and resin, or emulated quite easily with paint or semi-precious materials in DIY. It’s a great hardwearing and cheap alternative to natural stone, and looks incredibly stylish. As we’re becoming more colourful and brave in our interiors generally, it’s a trend I can see staying around for quite some time.”

From walls to worktops, terrazzo is versatile enough to work across almost all surfaces. Accessorise with pastel pinks, turquoises and lush plants for a fresh take on this trend. It’s important that the accessories sat against your terrazzo backdrop are clean and modern, to avoid your interior looking dated!


Source: Pinterest

Love terrazzo, but not quite enough to cover a whole work surface? There are so many gorgeous terrazzo accessories on the market at the minute that you can easily bring the trend into your home, without having to go overboard.

terrazzo accessories

Source: Pinterest

Add a touch of terrazzo to your walls with a fashion-forward clock. Opt for metallic clock hands to add a modern vibe.


Source: Pinterest

Accent lighting is another simple way to bring terrazzo into your interior; the below statement lights look amazing against an industrial, minimal, background. Art-based pieces are another key feature of the terrazzo trend, and these lights tick all the boxes!

terrazzo lights

Source: My Warehouse Home

As you may have already gathered from this blog post, the terrazzo trend – in this form – is an extension of 2016/17’s minimal, scandi style. A key element of this trend was having fresh, green plants and succulents set against white and grey. Add a touch of texture to a minimal interior by swapping out your white stone planters with terrazzo patterned pots!

succulentSource: Capra Designs

The opposite of minimal, is maximal. To let you into a little secret, this is a trend that we’re going to be telling you all about in a few weeks time. Whilst looking beautiful decorating a minimal interior, designer Max Lamb has created his Marmoreal collection that takes terrazzo to a whole new level…


What do you think?

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