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Make your home magical in time for spring

Hands up who wanted to be a Disney princess when they were younger? We know we did!

Truth be told, we have never really grown out of wanting to live in a fairytale, but the good news is that you can recreate this key 2017 trend in your home with simple touches and an elegant hand. No magic wand required!

Bring the outside in 


Source (l-r): apartca, pinterest, remodelista

What could be more calming than walking into a home that feels part of nature? There are lots of ways to achieve this look – stencilling branches and leaves on wall, adding a statement printed piece of furniture or keeping it simple with decorative branches in pots and vases. The best part? These plants don’t need watering!

Fashionable fairy lights


Source (l-r): optimumgarden, pinterest, hative, pinterest

We know that Christmas was only two months ago, but to add a magical glow to your home, you will need to get the twinkle lights out of the loft!

Indoors or out, they create a fairy tale feel and add a romantic atmosphere to any space for minimum cost.

Cosy nooks


Source (l-r): pinterest, decorpad, buzzfeed

There’s nothing better than having a corner in your home where you can browse coffee table books to your hearts content and ignore all electronic screens!

Creating a cosy reading nook is easier than you might think – all you need is cushions, perhaps a beanbag or two, and big fluffy blankets. Everything else is up to your own personal taste – add fairy lights, candles, perhaps even a tepee for the little ones to have their own quiet time. Absolute bliss.

A touch of the extraordinary 


Source (l-r): pinterest, stylemepretty, modishstore

If light and airy isn’t your thing, there’s always the option of creating a surreal and magical atmosphere with more flamboyant accessories. Channel a circus or theatrical vibe using masquerade masks, busts, crystal balls, magic wands… anything that adds a touch of interest to the space. The trick with this trent is creativity – the sky’s the limit!

We love the versatility of this trend and let’s be honest, what could be better than décor that makes your home feel more like a Disney film?

Love this trend? Check out more inspiration on our Pinterest.


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