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We love monochromatic colour moments!

Monochrome is having a major moment when it comes to interiors colour trends – and we definitely don’t mean just black and white!

Colour determines 90% of all decisions we make , which is one of the reasons why we’ve recently chosen to categorise our sofas by some of the most popular colours! It takes just 90 seconds to make a colour-led choice…maybe a little longer when it comes to furniture than food though!

You won’t have missed the bold, colour statement images on Instagram that have highlighted this trend further – picking one shade and running with it throughout a space is a powerful look and one that we love for inspiration.

Whilst we’re not suggesting that you necessarily decorate your whole house in one shade, no matter how much of a blue fan you are, creating a feature corner in your space or hallway, for example, is a fabulous way to make a real entrance.

Pick your shade and use a variety of hues, from light to dark. Keep the softer shades for larger areas, such as the walls and carpet. Go bolder with your accessories!

Source: Missana

Think about how you use the space you’re decorating and the mood you want to create – grey is a calming colour for a living area or bedroom, whereas pink is more playful, for entertaining/dining areas, for example.

Source: Sofa Workshop Little Jon sofa

Don’t forget a mirror in your room – for blue-toned colours in particular, the reflections add a glamorous glow.

Source: Patrick Cline

Feeling inspired? There’s more monochromatic magic over on our Pinterest board .

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