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Should it look deliberately unfinished?

Exposed brick, original floorboards and bare concrete are all features of the new ‘deliberately unfinished interiors’ trend. Ripping off the wallpaper and tearing up your carpets can expose a new era of character to your rooms, and is the perfect way to bring an on-trend, abstract vibe to your home.



Our Caravaggio was designed to make you feel at home, which is why it fits perfectly within a deliberately unfinished room. You still want to feel comfortable, and this kind of statement piece ensures a relaxing space within an unfinished environment.

Comfy Joe

Comfy Joe is the ultimate in both style and comfort. Bring out the colours of this piece by surrounding him with unhung pictures, rested and layered at different sizes along bare skirting boards.

Teamed with sanded, original floorboards, any room can boast being beautiful and bare.

Lady Victoria

Lady Victoria is effortlessly glamorous. She adds style, and demands attention in rooms that are intentionally retaining their older features.

Why not accessorise her with some statement, hanging wire lights?


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