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Hello Yellow

Although the official colour of 2017 was named as ‘Greenery‘, make no mistake, yellow is most definitely having a moment.

People’s long and fascinating history with yellow goes all the way back to prehistoric times. Yellow ochre was one of the first pigments cave painters used, and the Ancient Egyptians deemed it a sacred shade thanks to its link with the sun and their powerful sun god, Ra. In colour theory, this primary colour is said to encourage positivity, stimulate the brain and even help memory. Go yellow!

Fast-forward a few thousand years to 2017, and we’re once again drawn to this powerful hue. Yellow is back with a vengeance! Take a look at some of the ideas below to see just how versatile this superbly sunny shade is.

Mix it with monochrome 

Source (l-r): lushhome, amazon, ebabee, pinterest 

If you want to make more of monochrome (another key trend this year) add a flourish of yellow. Whether it’s for kids rooms or kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms, it’s a simple palette to work with and easy to create suitably stylish spaces. It can be elegant yet joyful, sophisticated yet practical. Just decide if it’s yellow or monochrome that’s your base, then look out for accentuating accessories in the alternative

Bright lights 

Source (l-r): anglepoise, trouva, pinterest, petitandsmall

Almost anything looks good in yellow. We love the way these lamps and shades brighten up your room, even before you switch them on. And there’s so much choice – from the classical style of an Anglepoise to quirky designs for kids, and every imaginative lighting idea in between.

Amazing greys 

Source (l-r): pinterest, indulgy, muralswallpaper, hamhigh

Shades of grey are here to stay. This new neutral isn’t going anywhere. So if you’re after a cool and calm interior style, opt for yellow accessories to counterbalance your perfect greys. And remember, a little yellow goes a long way. So if you prefer not to go all out for this primary tone, try using key pieces – even a bunch of bright yellow gerberas – against a gorgeously grey backdrop.

Fresh furnishings 

Source (l-r): pinterest, petitandsmall, architectureartdesign, poppyseedliving

A statement piece is always a great way to, well, make a statement. And when it’s in bright yellow it’s loud and clear. But if you want something a little softer and grown-up, mustard works well against mute tones too.

There’s no end of ways to celebrate yellow. So find the one that suits your home and use it to create anything from a bright, sunny mood to a chic, stylised space. And let’s say a big happy yes to yellow.

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