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Embrace Zen Clarity this Spring

Move over Scandinavia, the Orient is our new destination inspiration as once again, it’s all about your home (and you, hopefully!) becoming Zen in 2017.

The principle of Zen was founded in China around 1,500 years ago and quickly spread to become a global way of thinking. Zen interior design is a Japanese concept that relies on three main pillars:

  • Kanso (simplicity)
  • Shibui (beautiful by being understated)
  • Seijaki (energised calm)

Along the same lines as Hygge, it encourages the minimisation of digital clutter, but that’s where the similarities end. Where Hygge encouraged cosy living, Zen focuses on open, clear spaces and natural materials with high quality furnishing and low impact colours.

Bring the outdoors in 

We’re not talking about dozens of houseplants that will inevitably wilt… just a simple statement leafy plant that will draw focus in your space and doesn’t need much maintenance.

If you really can’t keep plants alive, don’t worry – there are now some brilliant artificial plants out there, so nobody would know that you don’t have green fingers!

Source: Nyde 

Be clear 

Zen living is centred on removing clutter, so to truly embrace this trend demands discipline. Trust us, we understand that it’s unrealistic to expect a home to look like this all of the time!

So if you find you really struggle to throw away that sentimental knick-knack, or completely remove the kids’ toys, invest in some simple storage options!

Source: figr

Focus on quality

Another key element in creating a Zen living space is quality over quantity. Rather than overwhelming a room with crammed in furniture and cluttered surfaces, try to focus on filling your space with a few select pieces.

But nothing blingy or high maintenance please – Zen furnishings don’t scream for attention, they just silently impress.

Source: sight unseen

Are you feeling Zen? Do you love this trend? Take a look at our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

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