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Eco-friendly Interiors

With plastics and environmental issues high on the news agenda, it’s only natural that we’d start to see this appear in the choices that we make in the home. Not sure where to begin when it comes to greener interiors? We’ve highlighted three initial ideas that will help you to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle!

1. Use biodegradable painting and decorating supplies

 According to DIY Doctor, “Over 35 million paintbrushes are discarded every single year. That is over 95,000 every day in the United Kingdom alone!”

By switching to plastic-free painting and decorating supplies, you can do your bit to reduce plastic waste. Look for brushes that are made from a material such as bamboo or corn starch, which are biodegradable.

2. Be aware of the ‘throwaway society’

We live in a society of convenience, where a lot of the time, we buy more cheaply, but buy more, instead of investing a little more and reducing waste. Besma Whayeb, owner of ethical lifestyle blog Curiously Conscious, looks at this in a little more detail:

Besma “It’s a fact: we live in a throwaway society. The phrase conjures images of disposable items in my mind: plastic cups, plastic cutlery, plastic straws, plastic wrap. It’s all designed for ease, and yet it takes hundreds of years for plastic to break down, never truly going away.”

“It’s better to carefully select items for your home that last, and are also to your taste. I like to think of each piece of homeware that I buy as a potential heirloom: if I choose well, and look after them well, I know they’ll take care of me too.” 

From interiors to clothes and appliances, making an effort to buy items with longevity, rather than making purchases with the intention of throwing them away, will reduce waste.

3. Take a conscious approach to home accessories

There are lots of different ways to make ethical swaps in your décor. Some of the easiest switches to make are as follows:

– Get creative with upcyling. Instead of throwing old items and accessories out, look at how you can turn them into something new. (Look out for a blog post on this in the next few weeks…)

– Opt for soy candles. Soy candles emit a cleaner burn, are naturally biodegradable, and they last longer!

– Look for recycled products. Rugs, cushions, throws, wall hangings – you can play your part in reducing waste by opting for accessories that are made from pre-loved materials, but still look just as amazing in their second phase of life!

All of our Sofa Workshop sofas carry a 15 or 25-year frame and spring guarantee, giving you peace of mind that your sofa will stand the test of time, reducing waste and need for replacement.

little jon

Our Little Jon sofa comes with a 25-year frame guarantee. Add eco-friendly accessories and lots of fresh greenery to decorate in a way that not only looks amazing, but is kind to the environment too!

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