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Discover Dark Woods with Tash South

“You’ve probably inherited a piece of dark wood furniture along the way that you feel sentimental about, but you may be struggling to find a place for it in your fresh, modern interior. Well, my advice would be to hang onto it, 2018 is set for a return of the deeper darker woods.” – Tash South.

2017 was dominated by light and whitewashed woods that were the perfect accompaniment to 2017’s Scandinavian style. However, the announcement of Pantone’s colour of the year, Ultra Violet, signalled that a change was on the way. To accommodate this move to a brighter, bolder colour palette, a deeper base is required to create a truly luxe look…

Vogue-featured blogger, and modern interiors expert Tash South, has contributed to this post, and like us, she loves this shift to a richer interior!

As Tash says, chances are that somewhere along the line you’ve acquired some dark wood furniture. Now’s the time to show it the spotlight!

dark wood

Source: Around the Houses

“Deep, rich grains beautifully offset so many of the materials and finishes we are now using in our homes. Velvets in violet, emerald and ochre look even more lush when paired with the deeper woods. Dark wood also creates a dramatic canvas for marble and metallic. Brass in particular looks knockout when inlaid into very dark woods like ebony.”- Tash

burnt orange

Source: Ideal Home

If you have a piece of dark wood furniture at home that you’d previously labeled as past its sell-by date, take advice from Tash and get creative with upcycling!

“If you have a really tired piece that’s outstayed its welcome, why not find a new function for it. I’ve repurposed mid-century dressers and oak cupboards in bathroom as vanity units, countertop sinks can be set on top with some very simple adjustments by the plumber. Using dark, well-worn wood in a bathroom adds much needed warmth to a usually cold and sterile feeling space.

I’ve recently finished London project where I used American Walnut flooring in a herringbone pattern throughout a modern duplex apartment, and although the apartment is compact, the dark flooring paired with pale grey walls actually made it appear more spacious, as well as giving the furniture a dramatic base to sit upon.” 

dark wood

Source: Our Humble Abode Blog

As a trend, dark wood can be used all around the home – Tash gave us some great tips about using it in the context of a child’s bedroom:

“Don’t confine dark woods to just the grown-up spaces either. For a unique look, make a vintage rocking horse or chest of drawers stand out as the statement piece in a child’s room or nursery by keeping the rest of the décor pared back, clean and modern.” 

dark wood nursery

Source: Pinterest

We love the combination of dark wood and rich, opulent jewel colours. We’ve styled our Clarence sofa in Brisk Terracotta and Cameron sofa in City Violet with luxe, dark wood flooring.



Love this trend? Follow our dark wood Pinterest board!


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