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Curated, Not Decorated

A key trend for 2018 is truly embracing personalisation within the home. Interiors are becoming increasingly sentimental, and acting as a reminder or showcase for key life events. Prints, maps, trinkets and family heirlooms are all great ways to add a unique touch to your interior!

Instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to trends, people are embracing their lives, travels, families and loves, and looking at how to adapt these trends to incorporate items that allow a story to be told….


Source: Cut & Paste

The ‘curated home’ allows you to own your interior like never before. Use key trends to provide an overall theme, but decorate with items personal to you. This could be a souvenir collected on your travels, unique pieces of furniture handed down through generations, or something else entirely!

For example, the below room is rooted within a Maximal look, however the items clustered together to create this trend are personal pieces of art, books and ornaments that create intrigue, and adds lots of different talking points to the decor.


Source: Pinterest

A personalised interior, where the unique items are presented in a design-led way, allows you to tell the stories of your life within the walls of your home…


Source: Design Hunter

 The trend of the curated home isn’t just evident through accessories. People are starting to play with the layout of their individual rooms more and more, as the trend towards a completely unique interior grows. Rooms laid out in unusual ways allow for a truly personalised living space.


Source: Essential Home

With thousands of different fabric and leather options available, at Sofa Workshop you can create a piece of furniture perfectly tailored to you. Sale ends Sunday on the sofas below, these models would make a beautiful, eye-catching centrepiece in any curated interior…


Browning sofa in Morris & Co Snakeshead Indigo/Hemp

Petite Marguerite

Petite Marguerite in Osborne & Little Tulipan Multi/Ivory

Miss Firefly in Swaffer Whitworth Linen 04 & Swaffer Haze 11

Visit our ‘Spotlight on: Eden’ Pinterest board to take a look at how our different Sofa Workshop customers have personalised their Eden sofas, and curated the décor around them…


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