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Creature Comforts

They say the UK is a nation of animal lovers. Well, we certainly are. But forget cats and dogs, this year we’re going exotic.

We’ve seen designers from Marc Jacobs to Dries van Noten work tropical trends on the interiors-inspiring catwalks. Which is why jungle creatures are now hot in home styling.

And if you’re thinking of adopting the animal aesthetic, we’ve a few tips on owning it.

All set for safari 

Source (l-r): witchandwatchman, marksandspencer, lanrestudio, nousdecor, lushlampshades

If you don’t feel confident braving big areas of animal prints, it’s good to know there are some amazing accessories around. And best of all, they come in all kinds of styles. So whether you prefer flat colours or a painterly look you can make the trend work alongside your existing interior.

Flights of fancy 

Source (l-r): grahamandgreen, johnlewis, exitinteriors, mphomewares, momentumhomewares

Birdlife is a big part of a trip to the tropics. Flamingos are so last year. 2017 is all about toucans and parrots. We love the fact there are quirky, fun objects about as well as chic prints too. And when you pick designs with our feathery friends, you’ll often find big tropical leaves as part of the aesthetic too. So you get two trends (greenery and wildlife) in one!

Jungle fever

Source (l-r): fineartamerica, avso, theafricahouse, society6, andrewmartin

Animals on the bed? Why not? You can make exotic animals work all over the house, from kid’s rooms to kitchens, bathrooms to studies. Of course, it’s the perfect excuse to add a bit of African inspiration too – an aesthetic popular on SS16’s catwalks. And thanks to the internet, it’s easy to make sure everything is sourced ethically.

So go loopy for lemurs or potty for parrots. Start with your favourite creatures or your favourite colours. Be subtle or be bold. Choose childlike fun or seriously grown-up style. Just make sure your next interiors’ shopping trip includes some exotic wildlife spotting. And in the meantime, take a peek at our Pinterest page for some more animal inspiration.

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