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Bring a little sparkle to everyday

We’re so happy that metallics are here to stay. A touch of glitter appeals to our magpie-like eye for sparkle.

The latest metallic look is more subtle tones than glitzy glamour. It’s out with blocks of stainless steel and brushed nickel. Hello stylish shimmer and understated sparkle.

If you want to keep moving with the metallic trens, we’ve a few top tips for you. And to stay with the metallics theme, we’ve ranked our rules Bronze, Silver and Gold(en).

Bronze – Shine from the inside out

Source (l-r): pinterest, imgrum, stone trader, pinterest

Texture is big right now, and although it’s easy to think of metals as being sleek and shiny that doesn’t have to be the case. There are loads of brushed and muted tones to enjoy, with multiple textures too.

We love walls with shimmer. And there are so many ways to achieve it. Metallic plaster and paints… shimmery stones and concrete… And if you don’t want to go all out with sparkly wall coverings, you might be as excited as we were to discover glitter grout. All we can say it, it’s about time!

Silver – Mix it up

Source (l-r): pinterest, behr, overstock, original style

You don’t have to settle for one favourite metal any more. Mixing them up shows you’re working the trend.

You’ll find metallics go best with neutral backgrounds, especially when you’re using a variety of tones. Just remember that 3 is your magic number – combine any more metals than this and that delicate balance of eclectic elegance is lost.

Gold(en) rule – Less is more 


Source (l-r): pinterest, viral nova, pop luxe, anthropologie

Whether you’re using more than one tone or not, the golden rule is to limit your luxe. The reflective qualities of the materials mean overkill is glaringly obvious – literally. So never forget that a little sparkle goes a long way.

Use metallics sparingly and you’ll add a contemporary twist to an otherwise everyday room. Choose decorative features like door handles and chair legs to bring a subtle shine. Find metallics that match your style, whether that’s an ornate, antique gilt frame or something modern and quirky (like this Jeff Koons-inspired balloon dog ornament we fell for.

Whatever you do, just son’t over do it.

Of course, you’ll find more gleaming examples of how metallics work over on our Pinterest page. And we hope we brought some sparkle to your day!


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