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Into navy blue…

There is an interior design myth that dark walls are reserved for grand establishments with sweeping ceilings and ornate fireplaces. But darker colours can add elegance, luxury and character to the most ordinary box room. This trend has been on … Continue reading

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Totally tropical interiors inspiration

You could be forgiven for thinking, with the recent heatwave, that we live in a tropical climate! This is why it’s the perfect time to reflect on one of the hottest summer 2017 trends. Think the Hanging Gardens of Babylon … Continue reading

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14 Pallet Furniture Designs You’ll Want In Your Home

The recycling, repurposing, and upcycling of unwanted items and materials has become hugely popular in recent years as we begin to understand the importance of conserving our precious resources. There’s so much we throw away as a society that could … Continue reading

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10 Highlights From the London Design Festival 2015

More than any other design fair, the London Design Festival is known for the ingenuity and raw talent of the designers and brands showcased, and this year was no exception. For those of you who weren’t able to travel to … Continue reading

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10 Furniture Designers You Should Have Heard Of

Designs from the furniture listed makers below are classics that have often been copied and reproduced, and in some cases have become so ubiquitous that we overlook just how influential they really were. These furniture designers were at the forefront … Continue reading

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Top Furniture Trends of the Last 50 Years

Good design never really goes out of style, no matter what era it is from. Yes, every age has its kitsch elements, but look past those and it is possible to find furnishings that are timeless in their design. Here … Continue reading

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Create the Perfect Vintage Living Room

Image credit Vintage can relate to a range of eras, and deciding which vintage year to base your décor on is half the battle. From a jet-set 1950’s kitchen to a 30s style boudoir bathroom, vintage can often be the … Continue reading

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20 Creative Coffee Table Designs

What would a living room be without the humble coffee table? This piece of furniture is a must have item, but so often only serves a utilitarian purpose, suffering the indignity of coffee and tea stains and all to often … Continue reading

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20 Pieces of Furniture Every Geek Will Love!

It’s been a long road to public acceptance of the geek; in the nineteenth century, the term meant ‘fool’, and referred to performers who engaged in bizarre stunts of bravery, like biting the heads of chickens. In time, it became … Continue reading

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Hi-Tech Furniture – Are We Heading Towards a World of Smart Sofas?

As the age of the gadget marches on it seems no stone has been left unturned in the search of a new object to customise with cutting-edge technology. It used to be enough for a sofa to provide seating and … Continue reading

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