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Into navy blue…

There is an interior design myth that dark walls are reserved for grand establishments with sweeping ceilings and ornate fireplaces. But darker colours can add elegance, luxury and character to the most ordinary box room. This trend has been on … Continue reading

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Totally tropical interiors inspiration

You could be forgiven for thinking, with the recent heatwave, that we live in a tropical climate! This is why it’s the perfect time to reflect on one of the hottest summer 2017 trends. Think the Hanging Gardens of Babylon … Continue reading

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Colour yourself happy this summer

Millennial pink, la-la land yellow, greenery – whichever your favourite colour of 2017 has been so far, they all possess meanings and powers that we can draw upon for wellness benefits. Stay with us… much as THAT Zara coat in … Continue reading

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Bring on the botanicals

Ah, the British Summer Time… cold wind, unpredictable showers and yet we persist in attempting to BBQ at every opportunity. But although we’re almost painfully aware that the sunny skies and summer dress weather is eluding is, we refuse to … Continue reading

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Rock ‘n’ Raw Surfaces

Is it just us, or does it feel like marble has been ‘having a moment’ for a really long time now? Whether you’re still enjoying the Insta-favourite surface or not, marble has paved the way (we know!) for other stone-inspired, … Continue reading

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7 Decorating Ideas From Around the World

Interior design styles vary hugely around the world. All manner of factors, including climate, the availability of materials, and culture will influence the decor of a home in a particular country or region. If you’re looking for some new and … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Home With Floral Patterns This Spring

Nothing marks the coming of spring quite like the appearance of those colourful and varied flowers so indicative of the season. When the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths start popping up, you know the cold, dark winter is behind you and it’s … Continue reading

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16 Simple Easter Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Bunnies, fluffy chicks, Easter eggs, they’re ubiquitous at this time of year, and more often than not come in an array of garish colours. But your Easter decorations don’t have to be an assault on your eyes, as these simple … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Add Texture To Your Home

There are a variety of ways to make a space more visually interesting. Playing around with colours and patterns is perhaps the commonest approach, but another way to effectively bring a room to life is with texture. Textures are both … Continue reading

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Cosy Winter Decorating Ideas That Will See You Through To Spring

Unfortunately, we’re still some way from being free of winter, and for many that’s a rather depressing thought. Don’t despair though, while outside remains an unappealing place to be, your home should be a refuge from the cold and the … Continue reading

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