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Out With the Old and In With the New (Sofa)!

Many of us put off the inevitable day when our old, well-loved, but well-worn, sofa has to be replaced with a newer model. We plump, we cover the stains, we try to put up with sagging springs and flat cushions – anything rather than worrying about how to get rid of it.

Getting it out the house, organising transport, deciding whether to take it to the local dump yourself or have the council pick it up; replacing a sofa can be a surprisingly stressful and costly experience. If only there were a solution to the problem…

Well, now there is. We at Sofa Workshop are running a cash back offer on our sofas until September 28th and have partnered with the British Heart Foundation to bring you a unique solution to the classic conundrum of what to do with that old sofa

We’ll give you £30 back for every £100 you spend. For example, you could get £450 cash back for our Florence large sofa, £780 cash back for our Grand Dame small sofa, and up to £990 cash back if you buy our Caruso four seater sofa. You get the sofa you love and a nice cash back bonus to boot. But what about the old sofa? How will Sofa Workshop solve that problem?

Once you’ve bought a new sofa, you can donate the old one to the British Heart Foundation. They’ll handle the removal for you, so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of it yourself or paying any extra costs. All you need concern yourself with is keeping the children, or dog, or cat, off the new cushions, while your old sofa is sold to raise vital funds for a worthy charity. It’s a get-comfy-feel-good situation!

In a nutshell: Buy the sofa you love. We give you £30 back for every £100 you spend! The British Heart Foundation will come and collect your old sofa (but only if that’s what you want to do – if you want to keep it or give it away, the option is open). It’s as simple as that.

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