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Top 10 Colour Trends For 2015

As we look forward to the New Year, it’s time to consider what that year will bring. In all manner of industries predictions are made, and the world of interior design is no different. Much of the talk among interior designers is about which colours will be popular, so, with that in mind, here are the top ten colour trends for 2015.

1. Marsala

Pantone’s choice for Colour of the Year 2015, you can expect to see Marsala everywhere in the next few months. This reddish-brown hue is warm and sophisticated, and best suited to subtle touches, such as throws, curtains, or an accent wall, rather than being used as a wall-to-wall paint colour.


2. Glacier Grey

Neutral greys are understated and work well as a backdrop colour to bolder shades, creating an ideal base from which such colours can take centre stage. Glacier Grey is a timeless colour, and hugely adaptable.


3. Champagne Beige

For a muted interior, beige tones go beautifully with grey shades. And that’s the key to Champagne Beige – it’s at it’s finest when paired with other neutral colours. Much maligned as being boring, beiges can actually give a space a soft, calming feel, and are most effectively matched with creams, greys, and browns.


4. Red Dahlia

If Marsala isn’t dramatic enough for you, then consider adding hints of Red Dahlia to your home instead. A deeper, more romantic shade of red, it too works best when used as an accent colour. The richness of the shade makes it a particularly appealing option for textiles and sofa fabrics.


5. Seaport Blue

Blues can be all things to all people – the varieties and mixes available are numerous. Dark blues are enigmatic, whilst lighter incarnations are commonly seen as calming. Seaport Blue occupies a middle ground between the extremes of the colour, which makes it a much more versatile option when it comes to interior design.


6. Dusty Blue

On the paler end of the blue spectrum is Dusty Blue; a mild, understated colour that would look lovely painted onto bedroom or living room walls. If you’re looking to foster a relaxing environment in your home, then this could be the shade for you.


7. Vineyard Green

Considered a soothing and restful colour, green evokes images of the natural world. Softer shades of green can be used more liberally in interiors, but Vineyard Green is most effective as an accent colour. Alternatively, match it with darker and lighter greens to create balance and even out a space.


8. White Alyssum

Off-whites have always been a popular choice in homes as, unlike stark white, they give a room a warmer, more welcoming feel. Also, being neutral shades, they are easily matched with many other colours, particularly those that are bold or bright.


9. Hazel

Brown shades have many uses in interior design, and Hazel is no exception. It’s a comfortable and elegant colour that can bring harmony to any room. And it looks great on a number of surfaces – from sofas and chairs to floors and walls.


10. Antique Moss

A deep yellowy-green, Antique Moss is an energetic colour imbued with the spirit of springtime. For a fresh, springlike feel, pair it with white, maybe as an accent wall or with some cushions or throws.

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