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Thank You To Our Customers For Your British Heart Foundation Donations!

A big thank you to Sofa Workshop customers who donated their sofas to the British Heart Foundation!

They have raised £180,734 for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) since the campaign’s launch, money which could fund up to three heart failure nurses for a year, or 180 portable defibrillators and other equipment that is of use by paramedics, doctors and nurses. We here at Sofa Workshop would also like to thank the BHF for working with us and helping those who have been affected by heart failure.

Donations to the BHF also help fund research into the causes, preventions and treatments of cardiovascular diseases, and has been doing so since its inception in 1961. The British Heart Foundation raised just over £133 million from 2012-13, and we at Sofa Workshop are pleased to have been able to do our little bit. Over three-fifths of the money made from donations is spent on research, which over the years has helped make vital discoveries that has saved lives. One-fifth of the BHF’s income is spent on care and prevention, with the remainder of the income spent on campaigning and advice & information services for patients and families affected by cardiovascular diseases.

Those wishing to get involved further in fundraising activities for the BHF can do so on National Wear Red Day – an annual campaign run by the charity during National Heart Month in February. The next Wear Red Day is on February 7th, 2014, and we here at Sofa Workshop hope our customers’ generosity to BHF will carry on before, during and after National Heart Month.


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