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New Fabrics From Emma Bridgewater Available Now at Sofa Workshop!

We at Sofa Workshop are pleased to announce that our sofas and chairs will now have the option of being upholstered in a range of Emma Bridgewater fabrics. The fabrics are a perfect reflection of the warm-hearted, cheerfully casual style that has inspired Emma Bridgewater’s famous pottery for so many years. The bright and joyful colours create a warm and welcoming feel, and are ideal for an informal living room or a comfortable reading nook.

We have highlighted a few select fabrics from the range and displayed them on our Charming Charles sofa and Aztec footstool. The Charming Charles has been upholstered in Pomegranate. This particular fabric was created in 2012, after Emma Bridgewater visited Istanbul and saw the rich colours of the fruits in the market. The Pomegranate fabric recreates the glamour and colour of the fruits, and is available in both white and black.

The Aztec footstool has been upholstered in Cheery Polka Dot, designed in 2002, and has since become a quintessential Bridgewater pattern. The simple design and joyful colours are a nod to the 1960s, to the optimism of the decade when Britain came out of austerity and a black and white world suddenly gave way to colour.

The cushions on the Charming Charles sofa have been crafted from two distinctive Bridgewater designs. The LOVE graphic has been enormously popular ever since its creation in 1994, and has featured in many home and design magazines. Coral is another early design, created in the second year of the company. The reticulated and textured pattern was inspired by classical approaches to fabric design – by recreating the textures of natural materials in fabric patterns.

All Emma Bridgewater fabrics are printed on 100% natural, unbleached cotton. This leaves tiny cottonseeds as a natural part of the design, creating flaws and a texture that is unique to each roll of fabric. Cotton is naturally resistant to stains, making it a good choice of upholstery for a busy (and messy!) family, but be aware that it can fade in sunlight, so take appropriate precautions.

Emma Bridgewater was founded in 1985. The company was named for and started by Emma Bridgewater, after she attempted to find the perfect birthday present for her mother. She tried to find a cup and saucer that was just right, but everything she found was either too formal or too clunky. Bridgewater realised there was a gap in the market for items that were beautiful yet practical – designs for a relaxed, colourful, mismatched life.

Today, the company is run by Bridgewater and her husband, and the Bridgewater designs come from both of them. Emma Bridgewater is very much a family company and a large amount of their iconic designs come from Bridgewater’s home life with her husband and children – from the practicality of materials used to being inspired by the experiences of family holidays. Bridgewater fabrics have been designed around a busy family life, so they’ll be able to cope with whatever your family throws at them!

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