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Let’s Do Our Bit On Buy British Day!

Today, 3rd October, is Buy British Day, a new initiative designed to encourage consumers to buy more British-made products. Best of Britannia launched the event in order to put more of a focus on the high-quality products made in this country, and we at Sofa Workshop are proud to say that our sofas are made in Britain.

Antony Wallis, co-founder of Best of Britannia, said:

“We have championed British made brands and businesses at the annual Best of Britannia event for several years now, and launching Buy British Day is the next logical step for us. There are so many top quality British made products out there, so the time is right that we have a day to create consumer awareness around the subject and encourage people to support these brands and makers.”

Supporting the British economy and providing jobs for people in the UK is something that has always been important to us at Sofa Workshop. Our sofas aren’t shipped from half way around the world. They’re made right here, by hand, in Britain.

We don’t go for the highly mechanised and impersonal approach when it comes to making sofas. We prefer a more traditional way of doing things, and have highly skilled upholsterers in our workshops who will work on a single sofa from start to finish. The completed product is their creation, and they take so much pride in what they do they even sign it!

Hundreds of British manufacturers from various industries will be supporting Buy British Day, and we hope you will too.

Let’s all do our bit to help brands and businesses that design and manufacture their products in Britain. If you’re out shopping today, then make sure you buy British!

You can also follow #BuyBritishDay on Twitter.

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