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5 Interior Design Trends For Autumn/Winter 2015

Are you planning an interior redesign? If so, then take a look at some of the interior design trends you can expect to see this autumn/winter. Who knows? They might just inspire you to try something completely different with your home decor.

1. Bold Blues

Blue interior

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Marsala might be the colour of 2015, but it’s blue that will be making an impact this autumn/winter. This may be a surprise to many when you consider blue shades are seen as ‘cold’, and so not necessarily what you’d want all over your walls on a cold winter’s evening, but bold blues will be effective when mixed with other, warmer shades to create a rich saturation of colours.

2. Rattan

Rattan lightshade

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When you think of rattan you probably think of garden and patio furniture. There’s actually much more to this versatile material, and you’re missing a trick by not considering it as a decorating possibility. The decor in living spaces tends to be what’s termed as ‘soft’, and so adding textured materials such as rattan will add interest to the eye. From chairs, to light shades to decorative art, there are plenty of options to choose from.

3. Whimsical Decor

Unusual decor

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Interior design shouldn’t be all serious. Your home is somewhere you should be able to enjoy, and at no time of year will this be more pertinent than autumn and winter, when you’ll probably find yourself spending much more time indoors. And that’s where whimsical decor comes in. Select a room in your home and add to it just a touch of whimsy – something fun that will put a smile on your face every time you look at it.

4. Oversized Art

Oversized art

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Gallery walls, which usually feature a variety of smaller curated pieces, are an attractive and appealing way to decorate a wall, but if you really want to make a statement in a room, do it with oversized art. A piece above your bed, sofa, or console table will really make an impact on the space.

5. Leather Furniture

Leather butterfly chair

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Leather furniture is a classic design option for the home – it never really goes out of style, but it’s always worth a reminder of just how good it can look in a space. Being hard-wearing, leather is a material that just gets better looking with age, and so is an ideal choice for furniture. Pick out a well made leather sofa, or, if you prefer something smaller, a lounge or butterfly chair.

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