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Colour Your Imagination With the Sofa Workshop Colouring Competition

Think colouring is just a fun activity to keep the kids occupied? Think again. These days it’s very much for adults too. Grown up colouring books are all the rage, and their growing popularity in the UK gave us an idea.

We at Sofa Workshop love all things creative and decided the ideal way to spark your imagination and creativity was to launch a colouring competition – for kids and adults alike. So, whether you’re a colouring book aficionado or the last thing you coloured in was a Disney princess book when you were six, you can enter our competition and be in with a chance to win a selection of colouring books.

Sofa Workshop colouring competition

It should be said though that there’s much more to colouring than simply grabbing a colour pencil and keeping within the lines. Colouring has become an art form in itself, with fans of the pastime putting a great deal of thought and effort into their colouring.

There’s a lot to consider before you put pen/pencil to paper – the type of colouring tool you’ll use (i.e. felt tip pen or watercolour pencil), technique (stippling, hatching, shading, scumbling, and so on – you can find out more here), and style (do you plan on using a few carefully chosen shades, or are you going for a colour explosion?). For more help and tips, check out these tutorials.

Below are a couple of before and after colouring examples that should help to inspire you. They beautifully illustrate how a simple black and white image can be completely transformed with nothing more than a few coloured pencils, and some imagination!

Adult colouring pageAdult colouring book page

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But colouring is not just a fun hobby you can engage in to while away the time. It has actually been found to be relaxing and therapeutic, allowing you to escape from the daily grind, if only for a couple of hours. French women have enjoyed the benefits of their albums de coloriages for years – in fact, the trend originally started in France. And the popularity of colouring books shows no sign of abating, with Waterstones reporting a 300 per cent rise in sales year-on-year since 2013.

So make a start, or put your already extensive colouring skills to the test by entering Sofa Workshop’s colouring competition. You can pick up a competition colouring sheet at your nearest Sofa Workshop store or download it here.

Sofa Workshop colouring competition

Competition entries will be divided into two categories: 0-12 years and 13 and over, with the closing date for entries Friday 2nd October 2015. Entries can be posted or handed into your nearest shop, or emailed to [email protected]. Winners will be chosen on Friday 9th October and notified within 28 days.

Good luck! Ready, set, colour!

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