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Spoil your guests with our sofa beds

It’s that time of year again (already!)… festive plans are getting underway. And one thing that means for many of us is overnight guests. The right sofa bed will give them a dream night’s sleep. But it’s not all about them!

They may get a bed for a night or two – but you get a sofa for all year round. Yes, you want them to be comfy (even the ones you’re grudgingly putting up!) But you want the sofa that’s going to style your home the way you like it too. And like the Panto fairy godmother, without the sparkly dress, that’s what we’re here to bring you.

Keep comfy. Stay stylish.

Carrie Sofa Bed in Ethereal Charcoal.

Carrie sofa bed

Some of our stylish sofas can keep a secret – a sofa bed sized secret tucked away inside. Of course all our sofas are designed around real life, so we make the bed bit easy to take out and foldaway. But above all, you get a gorgeous sofa that’ll give your guests a good night’s sleep. (Or be a martyr and offer to give up your own bed, knowing you’ll be super comfy on the sofa too!)

Just the right size

Shapiro chair bed in Echo Aubergine with optional extra throw in Hydrangea Bird_open

Shapiro chair bed

Bit of a biggie this one! Of course your sofa has to fit your space. But you also need to consider who’s sleeping on it. If it’s likely to be one person rather than two you might prefer a narrower mattress or maybe our Shapiro chair bed. Don’t forget the width of your sofa (between the arms) will dictate how wide the mattress is too.

Made up with your mattress

Carrie Sofa Bed in Ethereal Charcoal1

Carrie sofa bed

Talking of mattresses, we’ve a few to choose from. If you’re putting people up for a week rather than a night, you may want to plump for a fancier mattress. A foam mattress is great for occasional use, while our regular sleeper is a sprung mattress supported by a slatted base and webbing. (We even offer a deluxe mattress on some sofas – it might even be comfier than your own bed!)

Dreamy days too

Shapiro chair bed in Echo Aubergine with optional extra throw in Hydrangea Bird_closed1

Shapiro chair bed

Don’t forget your sofa bed is likely to spend most of its life as a sofa. So it’s important to get the look you absolutely love and that works in your room. Is it going in the living room where you’ll lounge in front of the telly? Or will it be in a study where you’re more likely to sit with a book?

Of course, we think the easiest way to find your perfect sofa bed is to have a chat with us. Pop along to your nearest store here or have a chat with our experts online. We’ll give you all the help you need.

In fact, the only thing we can’t help you with is how to persuade your exceptionally comfy guests to leave…

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