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Interior Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing have never played a more prominent part in our lives than they do now. From investing in the latest fitness trends, to focusing on a healthy diet and balanced way of living, it’s natural that we’d start to see this trend spilling into the home. People are using the power of positivity to dress their interior. Pinterest saves for ‘positivity’ have increased by 430% this year, with searches such as “colouring your bedroom happy” and “creating a space that boosts your mindset” proving popular. Interior wellbeing is all about ensuring a mindful, positive space that’s full of freshness and light.

Antonia Sanchez-Toomey, author of popular lifestyle blog Tinker Tailor, writes about both interiors and wellbeing on her blog, and she’s given us her expert advice on how to incorporate wellbeing into the home. Melanie Barnes, author of wellbeing blog Geoffrey & Grace, lives her life around the concept of ‘slow living’, the notion of simplifying your life, slowing down and ensuring that you take the time to truly connect to yourself, and she’s given us some practical advice on how you can do this too.

We asked Antonia why she thinks it’s important to incorporate wellbeing into the home…


“Feeling good at home is so important for my wellbeing because it’s my safe place, I am completely free to be myself and I can put the stresses of everyday life behind me. There is no doubt that your environment has a huge impact on your mood. Personally I like bright uncluttered spaces, clutter makes me feel stressed, but I do like to have objects that I love around me. As Marie Kondo says, ‘objects should be useful or spark joy’, and so I try to surround myself with people and things that make me happy under one roof.

 There are a few things that contribute to my wellbeing at home and I’d like to share them with you. Firstly, surround yourself with plants and flowers. They are a great source of joy in the home and luckily very on trend. If you are a serial plant killer then opt for succulents as they are so forgiving, they like a warm, sunny spot and need very little water. In terms of flowers, get creative and choose seasonal blooms. They will often be cheaper, kinder to the environment, and you’ll come across some interesting varieties, even in supermarkets. Also look for foliage in your garden if you have outdoor space – it looks great, lasts for ages and is completely free! 

Tactile fabrics and objects are so comforting; they add those all-important layers and details that pull your home decor together. Texture is the key here; chunky wool blankets, sheepskin throws, sisal rugs and natural materials turn a house into a home.

Lighting and home fragrance – well, what can I say, I’m one of those people who wanders round the house turning what I call ‘the BIG lights’ off. My children think I’ve lost my marbles, but I can’t help it, harsh lighting is such a mood killer! I prefer to have the soft light from a lamp in the room alongside a beautifully scented candle. Be selective about which candles you burn and opt for those made with soy wax and essential oils: the burn is cleaner and so much better for your health and wellbeing.” 

 Give yourself a moment of comfort with our Dillon sofa. Its plush cushions and comfortable shape provide you with the perfect place to relax and unwind!


We spoke to slow living ambassador, Melanie, about the importance of bringing a sense of calm to the home…


‘Home for me is a safe space where I can feel calm and at peace, where there is the room for our family to grow and play with freedom and ease. It’s fundamental for my wellbeing to have a simple and slow home. I find the space around me really affects my energy and mood. We are currently renovating our Victorian home, so obviously there are phases when the house is really messy and chaotic and I notice my stress levels rise quite quickly. If the house is all topsy-turvy, I can’t help but take some of that energy on board.

 Here are my tips for bringing wellbeing into the home…

  1. Eliminate the clutter – Clutter is a big distraction and can stop you really sinking into the moment that is right in front of you. Try to leave only really special items out that have significant meaning.
  1. Get organised – Take some time to sort through and tidy your belongings. It’s so much easier to get on with the day-to-day stuff if everything is organised. It’s amazing how much time we can lose by looking for things.
  1. Bring nature into your home – Looking at nature always makes me happy and it helps keep life and its stresses in perspective. Whether it’s plants, flowers or driftwood, you can get creative with how you display it.
  1. A sacred space – Make sure there are little pockets all over your home where you can sit and enjoy a slow moment. Observe your home; notice where the light comes in and when the sun shines and where – create at least one little place that is sacred for you to be calm and quiet.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the concept of slow living, you can download Melanie’s e-book here, which guides you through seven days of slowing down and reconnecting with yourself.

Create yourself a space where you can enjoy your very own slow moments by placing our Eden sofa in an area that catches the light, as shown below.


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