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How smart is your home?

Do you think nothing of turning on your heating via your phone when you’re on the way back home, or rely on voice-control tech to remind you what’s on your weekly food shop?

Whilst some of us may be bigger users of smart home technology – that’s the official term – than others, one thing’s for certain: the last few years have seen huge leaps forward in smart tech that can make your home more helpful!

We’re still working on the sofa that can rustle up your favourite hot or cold beverage, but in the meantime here are some of our favourite home tech gadgets, or as we like to think of them, housekeeping angels, that can help make busy lives that little bit more efficient!

Effortless scent

Forget about burning candles and incense – aromatherapy diffusers are the hottest new item in home fragrance. All that these fantastic contraptions need is some tap water and little drops of your favourite essential oil and they can provide hours of delight for your nose.

Some even have extra features, such as built in speakers and colour changing LED lights to create a zen atmosphere in any living space. We like.

Source: Muji

Your very own personal assistant 

Thanks to smart home systems like the Amazon Echo and the Google Home personal assistant, you can control the electronics in your home easier than ever!

Play music, control lights, and even order an Uber from your sofa with simple voice commands that will make hosting dinner parties or even just having a cosy night in more futuristic and fun – even if you just like asking them random questions to test their knowledge (just us?!)

Source: Google, Business Insider

The World’s tidiest robot! 

Yes, this isn’t just a storyline from a 1960s sci-fi series, robots really are here to make household chores history!

The Roomba vacuum robot can be programmed to seamlessly navigate your home while you’re out at work, recharging itself as needed until the job is done.

Some models even go as far to increase the power it uses on carpeted areas to really make sure your home and even sofa is spotless for when you get home! We can’t wait for the “dinner ready when I get home” robot to hit the shelves…

Source: iRobot

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