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7 ideas for a happy 2017

There’s nothing like a New Year to get people thinking about making changes. And whatever’s on your mind, there’s one goal most of us have in common – improving our happiness and wellbeing. So we’ve been thinking of a few things you might want to try in the next few months (or at least through January!)

1 – Style one room

Surprise, surprise, interior styling is on our list. But we think it’s important to have a haven in your home – a space that’s just the way you want it. You don’t have to splash out either. Pick a few key pieces – cushions, photos, colours etc – that you love. The Hygge trend is all about creating comfort so embrace a space to truly relax in.

2 – Spend time in the kitchen

Eating well is top of the list for many of us at this time of year. One of the easiest ways to achieve it is to get crafty in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but you can build up your confidence – and improve your eating habits – by creating simple dishes. Or if you’re already an accomplished cook, push yourself to try new ingredients and ideas.

3 – Declutter your life

Little and often is the secret to decluttering your space. It’s easy to make big plans to sort ‘everything’ once and for all. But we’re setting ourselves up to fail. Instead, choose one shelf, one drawer, one space… and congratulate yourself on that before moving on to the next. Pop a ‘Charity Shop’ bag by your front door too. So every time you come across something you know you don’t need, you can clear it away immediately and have it ready to drop at a local charity shop.

4 – Create a hobby


Source: etsy

You might not think of yourself as creative – and with that mindset it’s hard to be! But put down your colouring book and pick up a new hobby instead. Cross-stitch and knitting aren’t as hard as they look (at least the basic bits!) And there are simple lessons online in calligraphy, card-making and more. You may discover hidden talents – or at least have fun trying!

5 – Move it

Fitness is high on many people’s agendas right now. And let’s be honest, moving more is good for most of us. But don’t rush out to invest in a gym membership or classes if you’re likely to give up on it in a month. Walking more, taking the stairs over the lift and even dancing around the living room every night all helps. Turn that music up!

6 – Read more


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You don’t have to master Shakespeare or take on the Russian classics to get something out of reading. Anything you enjoy, whether it’s a novel or a style mag, helps to focus your mind and give you a sense of wellbeing.

7 – Smile

With a smile you can actually fool yourself into thinking you’re happy – because your brain identifies a smile with feeling relaxed and positive. It’s also been proven that smiles make people look more attractive. So smile, even when you don’t feel like it. Or even better, surround yourself with people and things that make you happy.

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