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Top Ten Paint Colour Trends for 2014

The paint is peeling, the eyes are tiring from looking at the same colours every day, and the living room is in serious need of updating. What colour(s) should you choose, and which will make your room feel both contemporary and potentially timeless? For some inspiration, here are the top ten paint colour trends for 2014.

cayenne red10. Cayenne Red

The brightest and most eye-catching colour on this list. In many ways this makes cayenne red the most difficult colour to work with, as it can end up making a room looking like a garish sports car. On the other hand, if you have light-coloured carpets, cayenne red can seriously liven up a room.


Filtered lilac9. Filtered Lilac

Filtered tones are easy on the eye, making them perfect for blending in with other filtered colours and off-whites. Filtered lilac, however, is listed here as it is a particularly nice colour.


Sand Yellow8. Sand Yellow

Yellow is an unusual colour to paint walls with and, unless the walls are of a soft hue, can be overwhelming. Sand yellow is even more unusual because it can appear either very brownish or very bright. Brighter sand yellows are ideal for beach-themed interiors or used sparingly in darker rooms, while duller sand yellows are best for plain, lighter coloured rooms.

Taupe7. Taupe

Greys have had a bad reputation over the years, with many judging these colours to be bland and unappealing. When paired with other, brighter colours, though, they can help produce a natural, earthy look.



Teal6. Teal

Teal was popular in the 50s and 60s, but its appeal has recently resurfaced. Even though blue is already on this list, teal merits its own place as it has a distinctly greenish tint to it. Teal is similar in colour to turquoise or cyan, and is made much more outstanding when paired with small amounts of coral orange.


violet5. Violet

Violet is a strong, bold colour that manages to stay both feminine and classy. Violet is between blue and purple on the colour wheel, and is most often associated with eccentricity, individuality and unconventionality. Violet, much like purple, is also associated with royalty.


Soft Green4. Soft Green

Soft greens like mint and sea urchin can lend freshness to the living room. Soft greens also look great when combined with whites and seaside-inspired colours.



Duck egg white3. Duck Egg White

Plain white paints are still great, but can seem a little passé. After all, white has been in-style for many years. Cold, sterile, plain white rooms can often appear unwelcoming, so a good way of making an all-white room warmer is by adding a more neutral, natural white to the walls.


Plum2. Plum

While plum may be a purple colour much like lilac or the violet above, it is arguably a far deeper, richer colour than either. Plum usually falls between russet & slate or purple & red, depending on which version you choose for your room. Plum is also a great colour for those looking to design a Victorian-style living room, and goes great with another colour on this list – duck egg white.


blues1. Blues

Blues of all sorts are very trendy at the moment, from midnight blue through to lighter shades such as sky blue. There is undoubtedly a shade of blue out there that will suit your bedroom and/or living room. Also, with blue being a base colour, it can be paired quite easily with a vast array of other paints.

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