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Top 10 Interior Design Colour Trends For 2016

Changing a room’s colour scheme is often the easiest way to update a space to the latest style trends. To help you get on the right interior design track in 2016, here are the top ten colour trends for the year ahead.

peach echo1. Peach Echo

Orange has been a favourite colour with designers for several seasons, evoking the comfort of autumn, and injecting warmth into what would otherwise be cold and clinical industrial looks.


rose quartz2. Rose Quartz

The first of Pantone’s colours of the year (2016 is the first time the global authority on colour has announced two shades), Rose Quartz will set the tone for most of the year’s colour trends – gentler, calmer hues are going to be hugely popular in 2016.


serenity3. Serenity Blue

And here we have the second Pantone colour of the year. This tranquil blue is the perfect match for Rose Quartz, bringing a sense of order and peace to a room. Cooler wintery tones are also in line with Scandinavian influences, which are still big in interior design trends.


Snorkel Blue4. Snorkel Blue

Matching perfectly with the pastel and feminine shades expected to be popular over 2016, Snorkel Blue ties in with those Scandinavian design styles we’ll be seeing more of in the coming year, and will provide a striking contrast to other shades. The colour implies activity while also promoting relaxation.


buttercup5. Buttercup

A bright, sunny colour, Buttercup promotes cosiness and happiness. This naturally inspired shade conjures up images of spring and summer, and works well in contrast with blues and paler shades, preventing a room from feeling too cold or impersonal.


limpet shell6. Limpet Shell

Dip your toes into the ocean – blue-greens will continue to trend in 2016. This cool shade will reflect the soft, cleansing feel of water itself, suggesting a clarity and a freshness that can keep a room feeling open and tranquil.


lilac grey7. Lilac Grey

Warm greys will continue to play an important role in residential and commercial spaces. This distinctive grey hue will pair well with a happy yellow, as well as mossy green and deep gold colours.


Fiesta8. Fiesta

A yellow-based red shade, Fiesta is inspired by natural elements and is an ideal contrast to the soft, calm hues favoured by 2016’s colour palette. Exciting and vibrant, this shade is perfect for brightening up and refreshing a living area.


iced coffee9. Iced Coffee

This transitional shade is a strong neutral – great for pairing with the bolder colours on this list. Imbued with a natural earthy quality very on trend for 2016, Iced Coffee is also soft and subtle, highlighting the muted palette of the year.


green flash10. Green Flash

Another shade drawing inspiration from the natural world, this green is bright and bold, yet still manages to feel fresh, open, and relaxing.



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