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Tips for Accessorising Your Sofa

The most important thing in your living room is your sofa, as it is usually the focal point of the space. However, acquiring the wrong accessories and filling the rest of the room with furniture and colours that don’t compliment each other can destroy your love for that perfect sofa. With these tips for accessorising your sofa though, you can create a room that you’ll really love.

sofa and footstool

Decide on a theme

Choosing fabrics and colours at random is more likely going to end in a disaster rather than a masterpiece. Decide upon a palette of two or three colours and decide on whether you want a pattern – stripes, block colours, or if you have a feature wall in your living room you might not want to distract from it – and create a theme that centres around your sofa. For example, if you have a large country-home style sofa, the minimalistic Japanese theme might not work.

Throws and pillows

Grabbing any old throw that you like the colour of and throwing it over your sofa won’t do much to compliment it. After you have decided upon a theme for the room, choose patterns and colours that go well with your sofa and buy cushions and throws with textures that fit this theme.

Decorating your walls

If you have a statement sofa, then a statement wall or wallpaper could make the room look too cluttered – even if, for example, you have decided upon a gothic theme, a black sofa and deep purple walls could clash and make a small room look even smaller. Remember that you have to live with your sofa and walls for quite a while, so make sure that you are going to like them once they’re both in the same room.

Other furniture

You may love that footstool but is it going to be the right height and perfectly comfortable once you get it home? If you’re buying end tables, footstools, coffee tables or anything that needs to compliment your sofa, make sure you know the measurements that you need and the colour of your sofa. Although you might think that your memory is brilliant, if you’ve spent all day looking at footstools that come in three heights and twenty different fabrics, you can’t be sure, so taking swatches of colours or fabrics that you are looking for can help.

Ensure the mood can be changed easily

The mood of your room should be something that can be changed as your own moods change. New life can be breathed into a sofa by changing a few cushions or even the curtains, and in doing so will create a whole different look. Framing your sofa with good lighting that can be altered at different times of the day, or having accessories that make it seem festive and friendly during the winter months can help you to love your sofa for longer.

Buying a new sofa can be a challenge for everyone, from finding the right size for your room to a comfort and colour that you can live with for a relatively long period of time. But once you’ve found that perfect sofa, the right accessories can make all the difference and can bring new life to any living room.

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