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Think Pink!

Ah, pink. The colour of health, youth and – until the 1920’s – men. Pink’s feminine and romantic colour connotations have blossomed over recent decades, and today, from pastel hair to clothes, pink reigns supreme in 2017.

We’ve found loads of ways to incorporate pink into your home without turning your space into Barbie’s Dreamhouse! From statement to subtle, pink’s charm is definitely not just for girls.

Make a statement 

Whether it’s a piece of furniture, statement wallpaper or a feature wall, bright pink can add a punch to any room and make a real impact. But use this shade sparingly to avoid overwhelming your space – pick one statement piece and choose contrasting colours for a picture perfect look.


Source (l-r): habitat, graham brown, matthew williamson, fresh home

Keep it subtle

If bold colours aren’t your bag, there’s no reason why you can’t use a paler punk tone in your home. Incorporating pink into your décor can be subtle, calming and classy when used as a contrasting shade. Dark grey and white are firm friends with this dreamy tone… pass the paintbrush!


Source (l-r): style&minimalism, house beautiful, sheerluxe

You can always accessorise… 

Cushions, blankets, vases and artwork are a great way of getting your pink fix without breaking the bank or getting the paintbrushes and dust sheets out.

Source (l-r): cox&cox, anthropologie, marks&spencer, pinterest

Whether you’re a lover of all things pink or prefer a more toned down effect, there’s a shade for every type of pink lover. Just make sure not to overwhelm the space and we guarantee that your home will always look rosy!

For more pink inspiration, visit our Pinterest board and share your creations with us on Instagram using #sofaworkshop

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