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Take me to Morocco

The colourful and sun-soaked country of Morocco has long been a classic source of interior design inspiration – as well as a super stylish holiday destination!

So, whilst we’re still waiting for summer to officially arrive, we’ve found some Arabian-inspired delights to help you create the perfect Moroccan feel in your home.

Must have metallics

Metallics are a must if you want to recreate the feel of a Moroccan souk (that’s a market-place to you and me), in your home.

If you’re not a fan of garish metallic adornments, never fear, muted gold, brushed bronze and warm copper all look stunning.

You could even mix your metals, pairing the silver tones of aluminium and steel with warmer shades of copper and brass.













Source: Cox & Cox

Draped in luxury

Gorgeous silks in luxurious colours create a style fit for royalty, with or without your very own Moroccan riad, or palace!

When you think of draping material, a four poster bed is the first thing that springs to mind, but this trend can work anywhere you’d like to have a cosy, intimate feel.

You could even try emulating this with decorative curtains – add a little bit of Moroccan glamour to every room!













Source: Pinterest

Let there be light

Moroccan lamps can bring a touch of the exotic to any room. The coloured glass casts a beautiful diffused light into your space and creates a chilled vibe.

From hanging lampshades to lanterns and candleholders, lighting the room in a variety of ways creates an atmospheric space that you’ll want to spend all of your spare time in!













Source: Lombok

Pop with Pom-Poms

Pom-Poms… so good they named them twice. We’re in love with anything that has this cute feature. Bobble hats, cushions, throwrugs, even jumpers! There’s something about these fluffy embellishments that brings joy to our hearts.

If you’re not 100% sold on the Moroccan vibe, a pom-pom adorned throw or scatter cushions are the perfect way to add just a touch of trend.













Source: Anthropologie

Are you a fan of this classic trend? Let us know over on Instagram or Twitter @sofaworkshop – and explore more Moroccan inspiration on our Pinterest board.

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