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Our Summer Sale in The Making

We apply the same methods into creating our seasonal campaigns as we do crafting your perfect sofa. It’s just our thing! As the Summer sale kicks into gear, we caught up with Jamie, our in house creative, to go behind the scenes on the design and inspiration behind the graphics.


We have a series of mood boards that are always being added to and are the go to place for ideas and inspiration. They are constantly evolving, packed with current trends, styles, colours – anything that inspires us!

“Any Summer sale campaign brief will be to produce bright, bold and always impactful graphics!” explains Jamie. “But, there is often a sense of ‘re-inventing the wheel’ when it comes to designing sale creative so tapping into current trends is a good way to stay fresh.”

summer sale mood

For this campaign Jamie chose to embrace the current botanical trend, bringing in jungle-style prints in eye catching watercolour designs.

Botanicals have been huge in both interior design and fashion this year, inspired heavily as we look towards the rainforests of Rio for the Olympics, coupled with our desire to bring the outside in during the warmer summer months.

group artwork

Once the direction is set, the sketching starts. Jamie sketched and painted plants and leaves from memory to create a fresh translucent effect. Elements are then scanned individually before being layered digitally to create the final effect. Our playful botanical creative is then ready to go.


So apart from the jungles of Rio, where else does Jamie get his inspiration from? “It tends to come from children’s book illustration. Primarily they must be eye catching, be easily recognisable and be able to support or tell a simple story.”

We love these designs and are so proud of Jamie’s work – perhaps a sofa storybook for children could be his next calling!


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