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How To Successfully Decorate With Black

When it comes to using the colour black in your home, it can be all too easy to get it wrong, which is why so many of us avoid it. But black has many advantages that make it an ideal decorating choice. It’s a bold, dramatic colour that can enhance the look of a space and add oodles of sophistication – when done right. No matter the design style or your individual tastes, it’s a hugely adaptable colour. Here are some foolproof ways you can decorate with black.

Black Walls

Black walls

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Painting a wall or walls in your home black may seem like a bonkers thing to do, but it can result in a striking and dramatic finish. To prevent the space from appearing too stark, you should balance the black with light or bright colours – a few colourful paintings, some gold or silver features, or a brightly coloured sofa can go a long way to perking up a dark room, and the contrast will create an even more visually interesting space.

Black & White

Black and white interior

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Black decor is often paired with white in a room, and for good reason – the two colours complement each other very well. Whether it’s a black feature wall in a white room, graphic patterns, or mix of black and white furniture and accessories, this classic colour combination will always be a great interior design choice. And it will also give you much more freedom when decorating with black, as the white will mitigate any negative effects of the darker colour.

Black Accents

Black interior door

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Accent colours draw the eye and give a space focus where otherwise there might only be an indistinct mix of competing shades. There are lots of accent colours that work well, but black, being a strong colour, is particularly good at tying a room together. You could add a single statement piece, perhaps a black interior door, or some smaller items such as a few black picture frames – there are plenty of options available to you.

Black Floor or Ceiling

Black ceiling

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If you’d rather not have black walls in your home, then why not opt for something a bit different and paint your floor or ceiling black instead? It’s an unusual decor choice, granted, but it will certainly stand out and add drama to your home. To pull it off successfully the rest of the room should be bright and airy, and preferably have a high ceiling so that the space does not appear closed in.

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