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Spring 2014 Lookbook – Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Sofas

We at Sofa Workshop are super excited about our spring styles for the year, as featured in our Spring 2014 Lookbook. There are a variety of designs, using retro, antique, and modern styling, with the selection below displaying just some of the best spring designs available.

Little Lady Sofa

This charming sofa was based upon the chance discovery of a beautiful antique chair. The most experienced frame makers at Sofa Workshop were immediately set to the task of recreating the frame, and using the same proportions, style, and elements of the detailing to create the ‘Little Lady’ sofa. With the sofa measuring just under a metre and a half wide, and an even smaller chair option, this is ideal for a cosy nook in your living room.

Caravaggio Sofa

This sofa aims to engulf you and your family in pure, slightly squishy, comfort. With a more modern styling, the Caravaggio sofa is perfect for those of us seeking something indulgent yet practical. Not only is it perfect for your daytime needs, it is available in a wide range of sofa bed options, making it ideal for homes where the door is always open to guests. It comes with removable cushion covers, making it a practical choice for busy families.

Lady Victoria Sofa

This is a beautiful, traditional Victorian style sofa – but don’t get any ideas about Victorian levels of comfort. The Lady Victoria comes with deep feather seats and feather scatter cushions unbecoming for a polite Victorian lady. The sofa’s dark wooden legs, with elegant chrome castors, add refined glamour to any room. Available in two, three, and four-seater varieties, this is an excellent piece for adding a touch of drama to your home.

Lady May Sofa

The Lady May Sofa is based on the classic Howard style and is ideal for those of us who crave a traditional look but want all the comforts of modern life. Everything about this sofa stays true to the timeless Howard design, though, from the rolled arms to the ornamental legs.

Fancy Nancy Sofa

For those of us who really crave retro furniture, the Fancy Nancy sofa is a call back to the sleek, chic era of the 1950s. Luckily though, this sofa does not follow 50s ideas of cushion fillings. Whether you go for a small, medium, or large sofa, the Fancy Nancy will make an excellent centrepiece for your living room.

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